5 Safety Tips for Every Group + 1 Extra

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5 Safety Tips for Every Group + 1 Extra

TravelKatz specializes in group travel for your type of group; whether it be a theme, hobby, association, church, sport-group, choir, theater class or dance team. In addition, our company leads travel for those with less luggage, like class trips. The tour companies we use have a rapport with groups and speaks to its top concern: safety.  As a result, TravelKatz will either do or suggest completing the following safety tips for all our groups and their travel leaders as we prepare for your trip:

Head count: At any time the motorcoach, cruise ship or plane is loaded or the group enters a subway, it’s imperative that we do a head count and move the group together. This can be more efficient than calling roll or having people call out their assigned number. When enjoying free time, we will consider splitting the group into smaller groups with an assigned leader so you can explore more freely.

Hiring a professional: The tour operators and suppliers we use, with their years of experience, will book hotels in safe neighborhoods, use a reliable luxury motorcoach company, book a group-friendly show, and other activities and meals that are safe and group-appropriate. We will – in most cases, have a tour manager on the trip; this person will be there 24 hours per day, act as a knowledgeable friend and enhance the experience; sometimes they will even share personal stories about the region, area or neighborhood offering assurances that the trip is going well.

Everyone Stay rested: A well-rested traveler is a happy and healthy traveler. If you wish, we can book a nighttime hotel security guard who will monitor the hallways and make sure your group stays safe. This will also allow the group leaders on the trip to rest easy and be pleasant travelers come morning.

Collecting health information: We will collect medical information like food allergies, and suggest that you purchase a traveler insurance policy; we can do this on your behalf. We can and will submit all allergies to the  restaurants on the itinerary, so all travelers stay safe and well-fed. And, should anyone need medical attention during the trip, we have the paperwork to authorize medical care and the insurance policy that will help with the unexpected medical expenses.  Also, we encourage everyone to drink plenty of water. Dehydration is the No. 1 reason travelers become ill, yet it’s 100% preventable. We’ll carry several cases of water underneath the luxury motorcoach for your drinking pleasure.

Communicate: We will keep you “in the know” by making sure you have a detailed itinerary. One idea is to put the information on a lanyard to wear around your neck. We might even utilize a texting service to confirm departure times, meeting points and to communicate with those in the group who may have questions along the way. Everyone is carrying a smartphone these days, so it will be easy to communicate by text in this way.

Fun: We will definitely have lots of fun!  The experiences you will share with your fellow travelers will be immeasurable.  Be sure to pack a good camera for all those wonderful photo ops.  Itineraries come with excursions whether they be by land or sea, so be sure to take advantage of all those opportunities.  TravelKatz will always inform you of the activity level for each excursion and sometimes the tour director can give added info.  Be sure to pack comfortable shoes in case there is a walking tour.

Call TravelKatz at 352-277-7300; we will offer our suggestions for wonderful group destinations and itineraries.

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