Talking to Our Prospective Golf Clients

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Talking to Our Prospective Golf Clients

In today’s competitive marketplace, there is no better way for TravelKatz to create distinctive identities through special interest travel.  Golf is a great topic to explore…being specialized is key to a successful golf vacation. We specialize in group travel and what better group for us to plan a vacation than your foursome. Golf travel is a unique niche that continues to grow. Golf is a $70 billion global industry, and golf hospitality and tourism represents about 30% of the total golf economy.

Like any other client, when you contact us, you want information and assistance with travel arrangements. You may have a destination in mind, or you may have only a general notion, such as a warm-weather getaway. However, the key to providing spectacular service to you – our clients – we need to really understand your needs and then we can offer our in-depth expertise that comes only with knowledge gained through experience, education, and immersion of the niche.

Qualifying You – Our Golf Clients

TravelKatz will start with a conversation that will help us understand you while giving us the opportunity to demonstrate that we are knowledgeable consultants who takes your travel business seriously.

We have some suggested questions; answering them will help us:

  • When do you plan to travel? Once you know the travel dates, we can suggest possible destinations appropriate to the season.
  • Are you traveling with anyone else? (If so, do they play golf?) These are key questions in determining what type of golf travelers you may be.
  • What are you trying to get out of this trip? Of course, you want to play golf, but, many times, you also want to do other activities, have downtime, go to the pool or engage in sightseeing.
  • What other kinds of activities are you looking for: spa or other wellness-related activity, tennis, swimming, horseback riding, sightseeing, or something else? This question will help us with choosing the right destination, course, and resort with you in mind.
  • Have you taken any golf trips recently? Where and what courses did you play? This question will help us understand your budget, as well as the type of golf interest.
  • What did you most like and dislike? We will listen carefully to the answer so we can hopefully avoid the pitfalls of the last trip: for example, “Doral was beautiful, but everything was so expensive—a hamburger was 20 bucks!” or “I liked Myrtle Beach, but my wife hated it.”
  • Have you ever been to Pinehurst? Pebble Beach? Scotland?  A strong interest in these venues tells us that you appreciate the history of golf. It also gives us an idea of the budget.
  • What is your home course? Where do you usually play?
  • Do you have a handicap? What do you shoot?
  • Will you be bringing your own clubs? This will let us know if you need to provide extra services, like golf shipping services or destination rentals.

As our conversation progresses, we will get a picture of which type of golf traveler you are, and what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you tell us the last trip was to Pinehurst, you really enjoyed playing the Number 2 course, and your handicaps are each less than 10, we can be certain you are Elite Golf Travelers or Golf Purists. If, on the other hand, you describe a 10-day blitz of Hawaii in which you played 10 courses, and your handicaps are over 23, you might be Golfer/Sightseers.  Having this type of conversation not only demonstrates our understanding of your golf travel but also helps us determine what kind of travel package you will best enjoy. The combination of understanding your needs, being fully familiar with multiple golf destinations, and the special offerings from our preferred suppliers will help us make the best recommendations that will match your preferences in terms of interest, budget, and intensity of golf, as well as match the preferences of any of your traveling companions.  TravelKatz loves planning Golf Vacations – call 352-277-7300 NOW!


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