The Azores – Jewels of Portugal


Do you have limited time, but want to go someplace off the beaten track? How about the Azores? Spring or fall is the time we all think of the Azores…so, this vacation package and tour is an ideal introduction to this island paradise and the beauty of this volanic earth and lava tubes for first-time visitors who have limited time. We can begin planning your trip today! You’ll experience some of the most magnificent scenery as well as its most famous Sete Cidades Caldera. Plus, we can arrange special experiences to give you a true local perspective. Most meals are included.

Michigan Vacation Package


In 1848, Lansing, Michigan was named after Lansing, New York, which was named for John Lansing Jr., a New York delegate to the Constitutional Convention. A little under a year earlier, officials had named the city Michigan after Michigan state, but soon decided against the eponymous title, changing its name following the wishes of some of the town’s earliest settlers, who were originally from Lansing, New York.

7-Day Spanish Magic



The great period of "the Discoveries" accounted for phenomenal wealth brought back from India, Africa, and Brazil by the great Portuguese navigators. Gold, jewels, ivory, porcelain, and spices helped finance grand new buildings and impressive monuments in Lisbon, the country's capital city.

Mississippi Vacation Package


Sitting high atop a bluff overlooking the Mississippi and Yazoo Rivers, the city of Vicksburg was the site of an epic battle and is now Vicksburg National Military Park, preserving original fortifications and the U.S.S. Cairo, an ironclad gunboat that once prowled the waters of the Mississippi River. Vicksburg is also the place where Coca-Cola was first bottled, a fact that is happily immortalized at the Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum.

Nebraska Vacation Package


Omaha is Large and home to some of the Largest places on earth. You'll want to make this a stop while visiting the mid-West...Lincoln has the largest artifacts of roller skates in the nation! Surprise!! To think about the old skates with keys, inline skates, hockey skates, etc., It is wonderful someone is being attentive to the history. Interesting fact - the US National Championships for ROLLER sports is also in Lincoln, NE. Thus, the museum focus.