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Travelkatz will put together a Kansas Vacation Package custom tailored just for you. We handle all aspects of your trip so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. We provide two options for every state in the USA consisting of the state capital and the Natural Wonder. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate in contacting us.


Topeka likely means “wild potato,” or possibly “a good place to dig wild potatoes,” in Shawnee. But Topeka’s founders didn’t know that when they named the town in 1854. They just thought Topeka was a unique name, and that it had a nice ring to it. The name was proposed by one of the city’s founders, Reverend S.Y. Lum, who claimed it was “a name not found in the list of post offices in the United States, nor in any lexicon of the English language. It was novel, of Indian origin and euphonious of sound.” The name was immediately popular with the other city founders, who liked that it was easy to pronounce.

It’s unclear where Reverend S.Y. Lum heard the word “Topeka” in the first place, though it seems likely he read it at some point on one of the maps drawn by missionary Johnston Lykins, who documented the geography of the region.

Kansas State Capitol Building:  Kansas’ capitol is very attractive and offers artwork and history in one stop. The capitol is right downtown and sits on a beautiful block surrounded by lovely gardens. Years of restoration have created a lovely spot to visit. The library was a more memorable room in the capital. The upper level of the library had glass flooring.. There is a reason for the glass but we are not going to tell you. You’ll have to go and find out.

The artwork, murals, and the dome ceiling are amazing.  There’s a great mural that has been restored on the main floor. You can self-guide or take the free tour. There’s an 8 minute film in the visitor’s center that is worth a look. A gift shop is also there and vending machines for a nice break if you need one. Very nicely done and well worth a visit. We took our time and took a few breaks and needed two hours but you can do it nicely in an hour.  Also recommended is a visit to the ceremonial governor’s office. There are some wonderful Kansas artifacts on display there, including a buffalo skin and head, some fossils, depictions of Kansas wildlife, etc. The staff have been very friendly.

Lake Shawnee:  This quiet little lake with so much to do. A long walking trail that goes all the way around. lovely flower gardens to stroll through and relax. for the more adventurous there is Kayak canoe and paddle boats to rent. if you already have a boat launch it for skiing or fishing, there is also Golf, Frisbee golf, Softball and Baseball, something for everyone. and then there are the Events. Pow Wow. 4th of July, Great Planes Huff and Puff, a wonderful Christmas light display and so much more.  There is something special each season at Lake Shawnee. The spring flowers and tulip festival,4th of July at the lake and all the activities, booths and fireworks, fall festivals, hot air balloon weekend, gazebos, weddings, picnics, fishing, ballgames and paddleboats.

Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site: This interesting site helps us understand the fight for equal education for all races that culminated in the court’s decision making it legal for black and white children to have equal educational opportunities located in a former elementary school. The exhibits explained the fight for constitutional rights. Finally, in the face of long-standing judicial precedent and societal resistance, the Supreme Court’s Brown vs. Board of Education decision in 1954 declared that segregated education was a denial of “equal protection of the laws” under the 14th Amendment.

Ranger guided tour was informative. There was a very good movie shown on wrap-around multiple screens in the auditorium. There were exhibits in some of the classrooms which explained the history of segregation and the efforts to rectify the wrongs. They had news reels from the era which were fascinating. This is a must-see site.

Combat Air Museum:  In a couple of non-descript hangars on the south side of the airport sits this really cool collection of all sorts of US military aircraft and paraphernalia. The kid’s jaws will drop when you opened the door and here are all these aircraft they’d only seen in movies.  The collection spans from WW1 up until recently retired aircraft like the F-14. You get to go right up to all of the aircraft and you get to go inside several of them. If you’re into history, machines, or anything airplanes you could easily spend hours here.  The museum is run by all volunteers who are friendly and helpful. They also have a brilliant flight simulator that is sometimes open that the kids got an amazing intro to flight in.   This museum has two buildings. The main building is very well laid out with exhibits on military aviation history and very nicely maintained aircraft on display. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers working there to help with any questions. The second hangar is Jam packed with aircraft awaiting restoration. Watch your head! They have a number of aircraft you rarely see, like several Migs. Allow a couple of hours to take it all in.

The Great Overland Station: Great place to take kids they have a while train set up right as you walk in. It is nice to walk around the whole building and learn so much about the history of the place and the trains. And the people that work there were very helpful and full of info that we wanted to know. I absolutely recommend going and checking it out if you are out sightseeing. Built in the 1920’s this station on perhaps the most famous railroad line the world, the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe, with its elegance restored is a must stop for railroad buffs, and people interested in history.  Displays highlight railroad history and Topeka’s part in it with a good number of hands on things for younger visitors. Visitors interested in architecture will appreciate the elegance of the building. A non-railroad display that’s interesting is a display of fire-fighting equipment through the years and along with a history of fires that have occurred in Topeka.

Topeka is served by Kansas City Downtown Municipal Airport (Kansas City, MO) which is a bit over 50 miles from Topeka.




Another option for our Kansas Vacation Package is the Natural Wonder.  See our selection of choice below to see if it fancies your style.  Please don’t hesitate in contacting us with any questions or concerns.


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I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful job you did organizing our trip. It absolutely was the best vacation I have ever had. This was my first time over seas and what a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I am going through “James” withdraw today. He was an amazing tour guide and fit in so well with our group. I will definitely recommend you if I know of anyone thinking of going over to Ireland. Your country is so beautiful and everyone is so friendly. I can’t thank you enough for everything.

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I appreciated all the information that was given before I left on the trip. Our Guide, Jerry filled in all the other interesting information on what to expect. I felt safe, well feed and learned so much from a trip 45 mins from USA…I want people to see the beauty of the country, the people and their wonderful culture. I so loved the music. I am playing the CD’s often that I bought from the musicians. A trip I would like to do again. Thank you.

Susan Peterson, Spring Hill, FL

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