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    Travelkatz will put together a Nebraska Vacation Package custom tailored just for you. We handle all aspects of your trip so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. We provide three options for every state in the USA. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate in contacting us.




    Omaha is Large!…and Home to the world’s largest indoor desert under the world’s largest geodesic dome above the world’s largest nocturnal exhibit next to one of the world’s largest indoor rainforests.

    Henry Doorly Zoo: This world-class zoo is famous for its involvement with breeding endangered species from around the world.  Need a place for the young kids to burn off some steam, the new explorer area on the West-Northwest area of the zoo, is a great place. Nearby, if it’s hot, the kids can cool off in the water exhibit. Let’s not forget the recently opened Elephant outdoor area on the South side of the zoo. There is also the new outdoor Lion area up on hill in the Northeast area of the zoo. And, they are not done; a new North zoo area exhibit is currently under construction. Back in the early 80’s, the Omaha zoo had one of the best cat exhibits to be found anywhere. What has made this a great zoo is that “good” has never been good enough. They have kept the zoo new by making sure it has kept changing and growing, to keep providing something new for all who visit the zoo in an ongoing basis.  If you are short on time, make a point to at least see the desert dome, the jungle area, and the aquarium.

    The Durham Museum: This museum is the former Omaha Union Station. Beautiful Art Deco architecture, with a real soda fountain, and bronze life size figures of life in the 30s & 40s. There are interesting displays and rooms that depict Omaha’s history. Start with a tour of the main hall area before venturing to the lower portion. Listen to the statues tell their stories. What lies beneath is massive information of a varied study of the Omaha area. Indians, settlers, and most importantly the railroad influences. It is more than a single afternoons entertainment.  Then downstairs you can walk through old Pullman cars and a trolley. One person told us: “We headed for American Adventure 1607 – it is so much fun! You get randomly assigned a one member of the Virginia settlers, and go through a maze, making decisions along the way. I was a captain and my daughter a worker. We were doing well until I drew the card that my food store was raided by raccoons, and she drank bad water…our health levels dropped, and we ‘died’. You learn so much along the way! Highly recommended”; you will also want to explore the exhibit on “Fighting for the Right to Fight.”  A great way to end your visit is by going upstairs to the soda fountain where you’ll find THE best shake you’ve ever had!

    Lauritzen Gardens Omaha’s Botanical Center:  Some amazing tropical plants and trees to be seen nowhere else – like the Bismarck Palm and the Lobster Palm. The gardens in the summer are restful and peaceful. There are many different garden favorites are in the rose garden. After strolling through the gardens, you’ll want to go across the street to Kenefick Park.

    Kenefick Park:  In this park you will see the Union Pacific Railroad monument to a former CEO of the company and a view of the Missouri River between two giant locomotives – one an old “Big Boy” steam engine, the other the largest diesel ever used. It is a hike up a long staircase but the Old Market area is a perfect fit the young and old and in between. Several food choices, wine, cigars, beer, great shopping, horse-drawn carriage rides or on a nice night – for a couple to walk around after and baseball or basketball game. Safe and fun to walk the cobbled streets. You’ll love the outdoor seating which most restaurants in the Old Market offer!

    Joslyn Art Museum: The building is beautiful and a work of art itself! The courtyard in the main lobby is tranquil and relaxing with a large tiled fountain. The floor plan of the building is easy to follow. The art pieces they’ve acquired are diverse and well-chosen. It has a good collection of European renaissance art, mostly Italian and Spanish artists; a section devoted to American artists which is good; and Remington sculptures in this section. There is a sculpture garden outside featuring a small collection of Greek pottery. It also has small Native American and Asian collections on the second floor. The featured highlights are two Monet’s, one Renoir, one Rembrandt, one Cassatt, and a portrait of Napoleon.

    Fly direct from Tampa to Omaha for this special vacation; call us at 352-277-7300 – we can make it happen for you.



    Originally called Lancaster, the city was renamed Lincoln after Abraham Lincoln in 1867. The name Capital City was also considered, but discarded—presumably for being just a bit too on the nose.

    Nebraska State Capitol: The Nebraska state capitol building is a gorgeous old building with great photo ops for any occasion or just to wander and enjoy the beauty. The panoramic views of Lincoln are nice. Just a note: they do close the outside observation area at the top in inclement weather so check before you go it that’s what you want to see. Lots of art, neat architecture, and historical information. Admission is free and they do tours.  Make sure you take the elevator all the way to the top. Great views of the city.

    Sunken Gardens: Lots of people recommend this place, especially early in the morning and on summer evenings. A great combination of annuals, perennials and hardscaping. It’s so cute to watch the little ones peer into the koi ponds and squeal when a big fish darts from under a lily pad. All ages and type enjoy this place, the old gentleman who strolls at a leisurely pace, with his hands clasped behind his back is often there. Parking is limited and it can get crowded at mid-day, so plan accordingly. They often have printed lists of plants if you’re interested in using some at home. Such a beautiful display of flowers and green plants it looks like fireworks on the ground. There is a beautiful Rose Garden just across the street you won’t want to miss. Both are located near the Lincoln Zoo so why not make a Day of it!

    Lincoln Children’s Zoo: Located in the heart of Lincoln this is a true treasure! Perfect for small children or anyone who wants an up close and personal look at the animals. The kids can feed animals and are given the opportunity to pet some of the animals. It didn’t seem overwhelming at all ~ just perfect.
    The train ride around the zoo is the great way to either start your day or end the day at the zoo.  Camels, red pandas, pony rides, penguins, tamarins and marmosets… This zoo is fun to visit.

    National Museum of Roller Skating:  This museum is small, but very interesting. No charge. It has the largest artifacts of roller skates in the nation! Surprise!! To think about the old skates with keys, inline skates, hockey skates, etc., It is wonderful someone is being attentive to the history. Interesting fact – the US National Championships for ROLLER sports is also in Lincoln, NE. Thus, the museum focus. Admission is free, but honestly truly worth making a contribution for anyone who has enjoyed an evening wiping up the floor with their pants, as they learned to roller skate! If you have a passion to locate and report on odd little museums, this sure qualifies it’s not large but it is comprehensive about the history of skates and skating. Imagine being able to see skates from 1814. Wow! The rest of the museum has various skates, over time, motorized skates, four wheel skates, inline skates, and skates that defy description as people just wanted to have a good time and go skating. Most people don’t realize that roller skating evolved from ballroom dancing and it is not all about hockey, speed, and roller derby! It is truly worth the visit!

    Museum of American Speed:  Plan to spend hours here, the collections are vast and fascinating. The exhibits tell the tale of American auto racing, including every aspect from amateur to professional. Displays include rare race cars, rooms full of shiny experimental engines, antiques and beautiful but eccentric cars like the Tucker and Duesenberg, and enchanting collections of pedal cars made for children. Adults will be thoroughly entertained by three floors of beautifully maintained and arranged exhibits. The museum has an interesting collection of old race cars, including some actual Indy cars, Model T vintages cars, custom hot rods, and pedal cars(!). It also had a couple land speed record cars. To really appreciate everything that you see, it helps a lot to go when they have guides giving tours. Edsel Ford’s personal roadster, a Tucker, a Cord, and several other one-of-a kind vehicles are on display too.

    Pioneer Park Nature Center: This center has more animals and the naturalist that is there is so full of great information. They have snakes, turtles, owls and frogs. It also has a hands place to practice building a dam/lake. There are hiking trails around the pond to the suspension bridge. Along that walk lots of nature and frogs to see. This is quite a walk so need to have some good shoes and maybe some water. The newer nature center has more hands-on learning activities for kids and less animals. From this you can walk over to the bridge and see the geese and elk. It’s very cool how close sometimes they are. There is also a great park for the kids to play at. And there are a couple small ponds that you can almost always feed the geese. Make sure you go to the back of the park and see the bison.  They are amazing.

    From Tampa to Lincoln is a one stop flight done by most major airlines.  Give TravelKatz a call at 352-277-2700 and we will make sure you and your group have a terrific vacation.



    Another option for our Nebraska Vacation Package is the Natural Wonder.  See our selection of choice below to see if it fancies your style.  Please don’t hesitate in contacting us with any questions or concerns.


    TravelKatz will handle all aspects of your dream Nebraska Vacation Package.
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    I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful job you did organizing our trip. It absolutely was the best vacation I have ever had. This was my first time over seas and what a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I am going through “James” withdraw today. He was an amazing tour guide and fit in so well with our group. I will definitely recommend you if I know of anyone thinking of going over to Ireland. Your country is so beautiful and everyone is so friendly. I can’t thank you enough for everything.

    Jack & JoAnn Douglass, Miami, FL

    I appreciated all the information that was given before I left on the trip. Our Guide, Jerry filled in all the other interesting information on what to expect. I felt safe, well feed and learned so much from a trip 45 mins from USA…I want people to see the beauty of the country, the people and their wonderful culture. I so loved the music. I am playing the CD’s often that I bought from the musicians. A trip I would like to do again. Thank you.

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