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Travelkatz will put together a New Hampshire Vacation Package custom tailored just for you. We handle all aspects of your trip so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. We provide three options for every state in the USA. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate in contacting us.


Alabama Military: Alabama is a southeastern U.S. state that’s home to significant military landmarks and events from the Civil War, World War I and World War II, all the way through history to space travel.

U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum: This Museum is operated by the Alabama Center of Military History and is dedicated to promoting and disseminating the accomplishments of American military men and women. The emphasis is on participants of World War I and subsequent conflicts. The survivors and families can use the Museum facilities to reminisce on their own experiences and those of parents, grandparents, and other close relatives. There are displays – more than 30 historical military vehicles from World War I to the present, as well as tableaus, artifacts, and other memorabilia dating back to the Revolutionary War. Supporting organizations include the 19th Alabama Infantry which sponsors exhibits from 18th and 19th Century conflicts, and the 8th Air Force Historical Society, which sponsors a Bomb Group briefing room. Both organizations support ‘living history’ presentations on many Saturdays. At the Museum is a reference library, in addition to published material such as the Seventh Army After Action Report from World War II. The library offers written and oral reminiscences of Alabama veterans. In this vein, veterans and their families are invited to send written material or audio cassette tapes to the Museum for inclusion in the library. A narrative by the veteran, or an interview by a relative, will provide a legacy of the contribution. The Museum welcomes the participation of military and veterans’ groups and individuals in making this a valued educational piece of history in Huntsville.

USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park: At this Battleship Memorial Park, you don’t have to look very far to find heroes. From the Battleship USS ALABAMA to the Submarine USS DRUM and over 25 aircraft, the spirit of military pride is alive and well. Aboard the battleship you will be able to explore 12 decks. Among those, you can climb inside gun turrets, get locked in the Brig, man a 12mm gun and much more. Also at the park, you will be able to go below and explore the oldest Submarine on display, the USS DRUM. In the Medal of Honor Aircraft Pavilion as well as in the park, you will be able to view many rare and historic aircraft. A few in the collection include a A-12 Blackbird Spy Plane, OS2U Kingfisher, F-86L Sabre Jet, and B-52 Bomber, just to name a few. While in the pavilion, don’t forget to take a ride on the Flight Simulator and experience flight without ever leaving the ground. It’s an unforgettable experience for the entire family. All tours are self-guided. Allow approx. 2.5 hours to really see what it was like to be on this battleship when on active duty in Mobile.

United States Army Aviation Museum: The U.S. Army Aviation Museum maintains a collection of over 160 military aircraft, including one of the largest collections of military helicopters in the world. Approximately 50 beautifully restored, historic, and one-of-a-kind aircraft are proudly displayed both inside the Museum exhibit space and outside on the grounds. The collection includes many significant examples of early research efforts and developments in rotary wing technology and the evolution of the helicopter. Represented is the Army’s involvement in military aviation from the Wright brothers, the early combat aircraft of WW I, and today’s technological machines such as the AH-64 Apache and the UH-60 Blackhawk. You’ll find this in Ft Rucker.

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center (USSRC): This is a Smithsonian Affiliate and the Official Visitor Center for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. On Display, they have one of the largest collections of rockets and space memorabilia anywhere in the world. Guests journey through America’s Space Race and NASA’s plan to put man on the moon. Witness the development of the space shuttle program and the International Space Station, get a glimpse of the future in commercial space ventures, and the latest technological innovations. The Rocket Center regularly features traveling exhibits from around the world. Also, enjoy daily films on the 67-foot screen in Huntsville’s only full-dome IMAX® Theater or in the 52-foot, high-definition screen in the National Geographic Theater. Finally, plan a ride on the motorcoach tour of Redstone Arsenal, headquarters to the Army Material Command and home of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Travel to Huntsville to enjoy.

Crooked Creek Civil War Museum: This is a must see if you are a Civil War buff. It’s small but it makes this time in our history come alive in Vinemont.

Travelkatz is waiting to hear from you so we can make the history of our country come alive. Call us at 352-277-7300.


New Hampshire Gardens

New Hampshire Gardens – New Hampshire, a U.S. state in New England, is defined by its quaint towns and large expanses of wilderness. In the north, White Mountain National Forest is known for winter sports areas and Mt. Washington, the region’s highest peak, with a cog railway to its summit. Also in the White Mountains are moose, black bears, and part of the Appalachian Trail. Concord is the capital.

Bedrock Gardens: Bedrock Gardens is a 37-acre private garden that is open on weekdays and weekends from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The garden, which also houses a number of whimsical sculptures, has been carefully cultivated over the past 39 years. Stroll through the formal Parterre Garden, the Garish Garden, the Dark Woods and more while pausing to admire the Japanese teahouse, a gazebo, the 200-foot water works called the Wiggle Waggle and, of course, plant species from all over the world. This is a private Garden and there is a $10 suggested donation. You will find this amazing Garden in Lee.

John Hay Estate at The Fells: This combination of gorgeous gardens, outdoor sculptures, nature trails and art gallery are located on a nearly 1,000-acre hillside overlooking Lake Sunapee. Discover the spectacular art of well-known New England sculptors as you explore the beautiful gardens and grounds of The Fells. Each piece is sited to seamlessly integrate into the surrounding gardens and natural landscape. Don’t miss the robust calendar of events for workshops, hikes, classes, concerts and more. This estate is a work of art so plan to spend some time here at Newbury.

Fuller Gardens: This turn-of-the-century estate is a nonprofit, public botanical garden that feels secluded and private. The gorgeous formal rose gardens, which were designed in the Colonial Revival style, were commissioned during the late 1920s by Massachusetts Governor Alvan T. Fuller at his summer estate. In addition to the show-stopping roses, you can also stroll through a Japanese garden and see the English perennial plantings. Visit this garden in the seaside village of North Hampton.

Nathan’s Garden: This is a place of wonder. A gorgeous space, and extremely well maintained by the family. This Garden is a small, little-known botanical garden that was built in memory of Nathan Hall by his family in 1991. There’re so many incredible spaces inside the confines. If you want to inhale peace, feel peace in the breeze, see peace all around, then please visit this glorious spot. You will learn the history of Nathan’s Garden from the family who welcome you so you can find out so much about the various plantings. A cute and well-kept garden with lots of benches, a fun swing, a small pond which allows for bird watching and a gazebo that is cool and tranquil. A great place to take a book and read. You will love this Garden in Hanover.

Distant Hill Gardens: Distant Hill Gardens and Nature Trail is an environmental and horticultural learning center dedicated to inspiring and empowering children and adults to cultivate an intimate connection to the natural world through education and observation. We hope visitors will leave with a better understanding of the vital connection between plants, animals, and humans, and how we can use Earth’s resources in a way that strengthens and sustains those connections. Distant Hill Gardens is open to the public on select weekends from May to October, and for numerous educational workshops and talks throughout the year. They also offer guided tours for groups of any size by appointment, and self-guided tours by appointment or chance. Distant Hill Nature Trail is a mile-long wheelchair accessible gravel trail just east of the gardens. It is open daily dawn-to-dusk, free of charge. Lots to see in Walpole.

TravelKatz is looking forward to helping you have a beautiful vacation in New Hampshire as we are just a phone call away at 352-277-7300. If you prefer, please go to for more answers.


New Hampshire State Parks:

Alabama State Parks: Alabama is a southeastern U.S. state that’s home to significant landmarks from the American Civil Rights Movement. The Rosa Parks Museum, dedicated to the activist, can be found in the capital of Montgomery.

New Hampshire State Parks – This state is in New England, is defined by its quaint towns and large expanses of wilderness. Also in the White Mountains are moose, black bears and part of the Appalachian Trail. New Hampshire is home to 20 State Parks and 5 State Forests.

Franconia Notch State Park: This Park is a public recreation area and nature preserve that straddle eight miles of Interstate 93 as it passes through Franconia Notch, a mountain pass between the Kinsman Range and Franconia Range in the White Mountains. You will find this Park amazing with stunning views! The Flume Gorge, which is located within Franconia Notch State Park is particularly beautiful with all the rushing water. There was plenty of space for parking. Make sure to purchase your tickets in advance or make a reservation prior to entering the park. The tickets are well worth the experience. The trail is very well kept and clean. There are stairs and pathways that take you to the gorge and waterfalls. You will love the panoramic views and clear sounds of the running water from the gorge. They have a gift shop that you can visit once you have completed the loop. You will find this park in Lincoln.

Pawtuckaway State Park: Lovely beach with picnic tables and grills for you as well as a campground store, snack shop and lifeguards on duty. The campgrounds here are spacious and nicely distanced. Great walking terrain, mountain biking trails. Granite deposits or “islands” adorn the lake. This is an excellent kayaking, canoeing spot. If you are into fishing then come prepared for largemouth bass, smallmouth, yellow perch, white perch, and crappie. You will find this park in Nottingham.

Hampton Beach State Park: This Park is located on the southeastern edge of New Hampshire on a peninsula where the Hampton River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Ocean Boulevard forms the western edge of the park. This is considered one of the best beaches in the Northeast. Its long, wide and pristinely clean and beautiful! There is so much to do here also. There is also plenty of bathrooms and some cool rock formations to climb on at the Northern side. There is a reason why you are in the top 10 of rated beaches in the United States. Great job Hampton Beach. Keep up the great work.

Monadnock State Park: This Park is 1,017-acre located on and around 3,165-foot Mount Monadnock. The Park is surrounded by thousands of acres of protected highlands, is open to hiking, picnicking, camping, backpacking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. One of the most hiked mountains in the northeast! Lots of different trails get you up to the summit. The rangers are most helpful giving advise as to which trail to take. Found near Jaffrey.

Mt. Washington State Park: This Park is a 60.3-acre parcel perched on the summit of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern United States. Summer seasonal amenities include a cafeteria, restrooms, gift shops, the Mount Washington Observatory and its museum. It is a fun place to be but be prepared for cold temps and higher winds even in the summer. Hike or Cog, the views are great. The view is best if the weather is clear but even if it not your experience will be amazing. You will find this Park near Sargent’s Purchase.

Wellington State Park: The state park features the largest freshwater swimming beach in the New Hampshire state park system. Activities include swimming, fishing, non-motorized boating, hiking and picnicking. This Park is a stunning lake/beach with trails, boat rentals, restrooms, picnic tables and wildlife. It is also quiet and serene. Found near Bristol.

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New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Museums – One of the New England states which has much to offer. By reading further you will be surprised that this small state is big on museums.

American Independence Museum: For a history buff, especially Colonial America, this is a must stop! And wonderful for children also.  It is not large, but there is a lot to see in this building. And the staff are very friendly and keen to impart their knowledge. The guides are dressed in period costume and talk about the Gilman family that had lived in the house and about many aspects of the American Revolution. There are many interesting facts that we did not learn in the history courses we had in school. The accounts of the Boston Massacre and the causes of the Revolution (It was not just “Taxation without Representation”) are interesting. George Washington really was there back in the day in Exeter.

New Hampshire Telephone Museum: This Telephone Museum houses a tangible history of the country’s telecommunications which can be viewed either with a guide or on your own. The knowledgeable staff provides engaging commentary highlighting important moments in telephone history, such as the race to the patent office, the undertaker who invented the dial system, and much more. The enthusiastic staff and the collection of over 1000 artifacts, have made the New Hampshire Telephone Museum one of the must-see attractions in the state, as well as an important educational resource. Stop by and see why people say “WOW!” when they walk through the door in Warner.

Woodman Institute Museum: What a treasure of historical things from our past! Even the buildings are part of the collection, with the Garrison house, the original Woodman house, and the Hale mansion you have all kinds of trivia and fascinating collections of historical items. Yes, POTUS#16 did sleep in Dover-several times. When you are in the Hale house look for the piano that Lucy used to play. The Victorian taxidermy collection is a huge hit with kids. There are multiple buildings open for viewing. There is also a colonial bunk house preserved on site. Ask questions: every item has a story some are humorous, and some will stop you cold, but cause you to think about what was the 10th busiest seaport at the time while you are in Dover.

Millyard Museum: A wonderful way to learn about the history of Manchester for the young and old. It is not a big museum but packed with first class exhibits telling the story of the mills and the workers of Manchester including excellent coverage of the rise and fall of the mills, examples of equipment, mill products, as well as non-textile products like the production of fire engines, locomotives, etc. You leave with a good education about mill life and the community that sprung up around the mills. Well worth the time in Manchester.

Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm: Explore over 200 years of self-sustained living and the agricultural way of life in New Hampshire. Discover agricultural practices, domestic customs, sustainable living traditions and the important contributions of the country doctor for a combined 99 years as they served the rural community in which they lived. Observe how Remick’s uniqueness extends beyond its village setting and role in history. As a working farm, the buildings are an integral part of the Museum and include milk, ice, and maple sugar houses, a stable and a woodsman’s shop. The story of the farm comes to life as you tour the property, engage with farm animals and witness daily chores. Tour the Captain Enoch Remick House, built in 1808 and on the National Register of Historic Places, which contains antique furnishings of the Remick family, the original doctors’ office, an apothecary and murals attributed to the American painter John Avery (early 19th century). All ages enjoy workshops, classes, lectures, demonstrations, farm-to-table and evening events. On site museum store, walking trails, picnic spots and a fishing pond (bring your own fishing pole). This is a working farm that includes a farm stand (seasonal), Farm-fresh eggs and farm-raised meats (while supplies last). This is a great place to see how a farm operates even today. Open year round in Tamworth.

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New Hampshire Festivals:

New Hampshire’s Festivals will give you a taste of the New England flair that often times accompanies them.  You’re in for a wonderful surprise as we look at the festivals of this region. Be prepared for good food, music and very artful crafts. 

Manchester Brewfest: Our mission is to support Dartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center by raising funds for cancer research and patient supportive services by increasing awareness of our NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, and by acting as ambassadors for the Cancer Center and the communities it serves. Norris Cotton Cancer Center is a world-renowned cancer treatment and research facility affiliated with The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Volunteers raise money, produce events, and facilitate community outreach to find a cure for cancer. Usually held at the end of July. in Manchester.

SoulFest: Celebrating Music, Love & Action, this fest is held the first full weekend in August in the picturesque mountains and lakes region of Gilford, at the Gunstock Mountain Resort. Gunstock provides an idyllic setting for this one-of-a-kind celebration gathering 8,000 attendees and more than 100 artists and speakers. As New England’s largest Christian music festival, SoulFest has become a summer staple to numerous families throughout the New England area. “The purpose of SoulFest is to celebrate God’s love and encourage all who attend to live from the inside out as soul-connected, risk-taking Believers in God’s love.”  Dan Russell, Co-Founder of SoulFest.

8th Annual Blueberry Fest: Join us Saturday, August 3 for this event which includes a Cornhole Tournament, Face Painting by Mt. Washington Valley Children’s Museum, Blueberry Pie Baking Contest, and Eating Contest, and an assortment of Blueberry BBQ, Treats, and Elixirs.  All this is topped off with a live performance by CRUSH, a Dave Matthews Tribute Band. It is free to attend, although tickets to the Attitash Resort Summer Attractions Park are an additional cost. Attitash Mountain Resort, in Bartlett.

27th Annual Lincoln Summer Craft Festival: The Village Shops and Town Green along Main Street in Lincoln will burst into color and flavor for this Craft Festival. Over 100 artisans will display and sell their traditional American-made works. A variety of delicious specialty foods will also be available to try. There is free admission and held rain or shine. Friendly pets on leash are welcome. August 10 – 11.

6th Annual New Hampshire Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival: Food Truck Festivals of America is heading back to Portsmouth for the 6th year at Cisco Brewers! Featuring some of the area’s most popular food trucks, dishing out fan favorites; along with the dozens of craft beers the Cisco Brewers offers. This ultimate food truck experience will be in Portsmouth only on Sunday August 18 from noon to 5pm.

New Hampshire Highland Games: This event displays the largest and most diversified games in the country! You’ll witness Massed Bands, Sheepdog Trials, Celtic World Music Concerts, the New England Regional Scottish Fiddle Championship, International Scottish Athletics, New England Highland Dance Championships, New England Solo Piping Drumming Championships, Scottish Harp other instrumental competitions. Held at the Loon Mountain Resort, Sep 20 – Sep 22.

Outlaw Music Festival:  This is a great chance to hear artists like Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Alison Krauss and others. This is a free event, depending on where you choose to sit, but if you are a fan of these wonderful performers just let us know and we will be able to help you. Witness this country music festival at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, on Sept. 6



Portsmouth is a New Hampshire port city on the Piscataqua River. Nearby, the 1855 North Church presides over downtown’s Market Square. Prescott Park has riverside gardens and boat docks. Northwest, former research submarine USS Albacore is in a park, alongside a visitor center. Don your walking shoes, breathe in the ocean air and set out to discover this picturesque maritime town. You can join one of several organized walking tours or explore on your own. Portsmouth is filled with old homes and museums, and you’ll have your pick of fascinating historic sites. View an 18th-century garden, striking stairway and period furniture at the Moffatt Ladd House, the home of William Whipple, a signer of the Declaration of Independence If you know architecture, Portsmouth’s array of Colonial, Federalist and Neo-classical styles will dazzle you. Weary of walking? Sit down for a meal at one of Portsmouth’s fine eateries or relax on a narrated harbor or whale-watching cruise.

Strawbery Banke: This museum located in the South End historic district of Portsmouth, where costumed staff demonstrate traditional crafts. It is an open-air museum consisting of numerous old, historical houses – most of which were always there, a couple were moved there. In the space of an afternoon one can experience over 300 years of life in Portsmouth, with houses from each era faithfully restored and filled with period pieces. One will also find guides often dressed in period clothing and they are all very knowledgeable. The convenience store is the cutest of all with all the candies, can foods, and convenience items that one would find from the old days. You will totally enjoy your visit!  The grounds are particularly nice to stroll as well.

USS Albacore Museum: Kids love exploring this retired 1953 U.S. Navy submarine which served as a test bed for other submarine systems and now gives visitors a feel for the tight quarters, tiny berths and general submarine lifestyle.  The Albacore is why subs look the way they do today. It’s a cozy little museum and park tucked away on the fringe of Portsmouth NH that offers a glimpse at how submarines developed. Perfect way to fill a few hours for those interested in historic Naval architecture. Great self-guided tour with recordings at stations throughout the submarine. This was the cutting edge of technology when it was in service. This museum is outstanding for anyone who wants to get a feel of what life on a submarine feels like, or for anyone interested in modern Naval history or the history of the Seacoast area.

Portsmouth Harbor Trail: Among other must-see sites are Market Square, Moffatt-Ladd House, USS Albacore, 1817 U.S. Custom House, Prescott Park, Strawbery Banke, Governor John Langdon House, City Hall, Wentworth-Gardner House, John Paul Jones House, Rundlet-May House, Warner House, St. John’s Episcopal Church and Point of Graves. Check out the Portsmouth Harbor. It is lovely!  A band may be playing right by the harbor and people bring their lounge chairs and sit nearby the calm water!  Nearby there are local restaurants, bars, boutique shops, spas, ice cream shops and a bakery shop! Amigos is a great place for dinner and had a chicken quesadilla with rice and beans! They also have a kid’s menu — tortilla chips are awesome!! The views of the bridge and the Kittery coastline are wonderful.

Prescott Park:  This park is great, there are picnic tables and benches to rest, and there are some nice little beach and wood trails. It’s a special place with beautiful gardens off the Portsmouth harbor. In the summer months there are various types of entertainment including plays, outdoor music, and summer theater camps for young people. Wonderful!!

Warner House:  The Warner House, also known as the MacPheadris-Warner House, is a historic house museum located in Portsmouth. Built in 1716-1718, it is the oldest urban brick house in northern New England and one of the finest examples of early Georgian brick houses in New England. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1960 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. The house, which was built for Captain Archibald MacPheadris, a Scottish/Irish sea captain who settled in Portsmouth, is a 2 1/2-story brick structure with walls 15 inches thick laid in Flemish bond. The interior follows a typical Georgian four-room plan with an added kitchen wing in the rear. The walls of the central hall and stairway are decorated with four murals that are the oldest extant Anglo-American wall murals in the country. This historic home has Delft and English tiles, the family’s original furnishings and serving pieces, and portraits documenting 300 years of history from 1700s Whig to American Revolution Era. Tour guides are very knowledgeable, and the one-hour tour is enjoyable.

You are going to fly from Tampa into Manchester, rent a car and drive to Portsmouth. Give Travelkatz a call at 352-277-7300 and we will make this a special vacation for you and yours. 

New Hampshire State Capital: Concord

Concord was named and founded in the spirit of conflict resolution, and refers to the desire for harmony between the feuding towns of Bow and Rumford. In the 18th century, when the two towns were founded, New Hampshire and Massachusetts were a little bit hazy on their official state boundaries, so when Bow and Rumford were founded on the border between the two states, conflicting land grants from the two states created some confusion about what land belonged to which town. Eventually, New Hampshire carved a bit of land out of the town of Bow, creating a new parish town called Concord to promote peace and harmony.

New Hampshire State House:  Other state capitols are much grander but this one is old and beautifully proportioned. It is the opposite of grandiose and ostentatious. Be sure to stroll over to the John P. Hale statue on the grounds. Beautifully kept state house. Friendly staff make a nice tour of the place. Just a wonderful place to bring young folks to learn how our Govt works, and sometimes doesn’t. Staff are always great even with the challenges of today’s world they are super, and the building is steeped with thought provoking icons of our country’s beginning. Nice job NH would expect nothing less from the Live Free State! Tours are offered and it features the Hall of Flags – very old flags on display. The statehouse is in the heart of downtown Concord, nearby the NH Museum, NH State Library, and many other great historic buildings. Great dining and shopping can round out a day in downtown.

Red River Theatres: They show a wide variety of films. They have the best popcorn which you can enjoy with a glass of wine or a beer or other refreshing drinks. Red River Theatres is a non-profit theater located in downtown Concord, NH. There are 2 theaters showing first rate movies, most of them new productions. Very comfortable fairly steep seating, allowing a good view of the screen instead of heads in the next row. Tickets can be purchased on line which is nice for popular movies. Nice food concession. A nice change to the typical Movie chain experience.

Carter Hill Orchard:  If you want to disconnect from Wi-Fi and spend some face time “old school” with your loved ones. Carter Hill is the place for you! Not only can you pick your own seasonal fruit you have a gazebo to sit in while the kids play in the GIGANTIC play area. The store is open and airy with excellent customer service. Great parking as well. Pick you own apples in a beautiful setting with views over the entire area. Also has a nice store with apples, produce, yummy pies.  Also great hiking trails are located at the back of the property (the West End Trails). The store also sells hot cinnamon donuts, fudge and homemade pies. They also have a large playground for the little kids.

Susan N. McLane Audubon Center and Silk Farm Wildlife Sanctuary: The center has several interesting and informative things to do. The main building has some exhibits, a classroom and a nice gift shop. The gift shop has a lot of nice things tied to nature including books, t-shirts, cards, souvenirs, etc. The website has a calendar of events that you can explore. In another building, you can see birds of prey including an eagle, owl, hawk and more. There are picnic areas and hiking trails-nice for a sunny day when the ground isn’t soaked and there is a trail guide on their website. They also have directions on how to get there on their website which is helpful. Staff are informative and it is a nice peaceful place to be.

Kimball-Jenkins Estate: Free and open to the public art galleries located in a historic mansion and carriage house. Frequent public events, art shows, lectures which are offered at no charge.

Pierce Manse: The Manse is the only home ever owned by Franklin Pierce, 14th President of the United States. Fortunately, the house was moved from downtown Concord to this more park-like setting. A small visitor center offers a video and exhibit about Pierce. An informative guided tour provides history about the house and the Pierce family–their triumphs and tragedies.

President Franklin Pierce Tomb:  The graveyard is interesting for the early gravestones, some dating back to the 1700’s.

McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center:  An awesome time is to be had here. Admission is very reasonable, and the planetarium show ‘The Little Star That Could” is fun for children. The show teaches about difference in star colors and tells the story of a little ‘average’ star that is born and how he seeks to find a name and planets. Some of the characters were a little weird for adults but the kids learn something. The exhibits were cute and the kids had a good time. This might be even better for a little older age group that could read some of the signs, but there were still plenty of things for the kids to be excited about seeing since they have an interest in outer space. The display about The Challenger, and what happened is well done. It is a small museum and they currently have an experimental fighter jet that has as like the one Alan Shepard tested before being selected to be an astronaut. Very cool!

Manchester Municipal Airport (MHT) is the service airport to Concord.  Fly from Orlando, rent a car and you will be on your way to Concord.  Give TravelKatz a call and we will giv your vacation our special touch.  352-277-2700.



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