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Travelkatz will put together a Utah Vacation Package custom tailored just for you. We handle all aspects of your trip so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. We provide three options for every state in the USA. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate in contacting us.


Utah Military

Utah Military:  This is one of the states where our frontier travelers ventured to find that paradise in the west.  The military bases and forts are no exception.

Fort Douglas Military Museum: Camp Douglas was established in October 1862, during the American Civil War, as a small military garrison about three miles east of Salt Lake City, Utah, to protect the overland mail route and telegraph lines along the Central Overland Route. In 1878, the post was renamed Fort Douglas. The Fort Douglas Military Museum is within walking distance of the University Guest House (.03miles).  The museum, originally a 19th century barracks, includes various exhibits on the history of Utah and adjacent western states. The museum also includes an outdoor Cannon and Military Vehicle Park and is found in Salt Lake City near the University.  With roots in the Civil War and the settlement of Utah, the Fort Douglas Military Museum is a must-visit for the young ones!

Hill aerospace Museum: Hill Aerospace Museum is located on approximately 30 acres in the northwest corner of Hill Air Force Base, Utah. The museum, which opened in 1986, was founded in 1981 as part of the United States Air Force Heritage Program. The Hill Aerospace Museum is an Air Force field museum operating within the guidelines of the United States Air Force Heritage Program, AFI 84-103, U.S. Air Force Heritage Program. In addition to the Air Force, the major supporter of the Hill Aerospace Museum is the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah, a non-profit, private organization authorized to operate on Hill AFB for the specific purpose of supporting the museum. Their Mission Statement: Research, conserve, interpret, and present the mission, history, heritage, and traditions of the U.S Air Force, Hill Air Force Base and Utah aviation through engaging exhibits, educational outreach, special programs, and the stewardship of the national historic collection. Found at HAB

U-2 Spy Plane Joins Hill Air Force Base Museum: Hill Air Force Base, Utah — Hill Air Force base has always had amazing aircraft that are a part of the United States military but a new arrival at the museum is a plane that some have only read about. “Once you start explaining the history of these artifacts these objects then it really starts to occur to them how important how significant they are.” Aaron Clark, the Museum Director said “One of the country’s most secretive spy planes is set to land at the Hill Aerospace Museum, meaning visitors should now be on their best behavior because you never know who is watching. A Lockheed U-2, nicknamed the “Dragon Lady,” made the move from Arizona to its new home in Northern Utah in March of last year. The man behind the move and all the planning to restore the aircraft is Brandon Hedges, the Museum Restoration Chief.  “Why do you like doing what you do?” I asked him. “It’s getting to tell stories without. I’m not a big public speaker. I don’t like to sit here and go over facts with people in history, but I can tell the stories of the past through the airframes.” He said in response with a smile. As 2022 wrapped up he was hard at work on finishing work on an F-117 Nighthawk, the Air Force’s first stealth fighter. While the painting, patching, and 3D printing continue, nearby the U-2 sits ready to be worked on and restored to its former glory. “So, we’ve got a lot of work to do taking screws out because we drilled the heads of screws to get it disassembled,” he said looking at it as it sits. “The missions they did what the airman did in these airframes. Pretty dang cool stuff” Clark said about the plane as well adding “and they’re rare to get for a museum. So, when one came available for us I can’t tell you how excited the team was to actually go and pick it up.”

Utah is a place where TravelKatz would like to “send you packin’” Give us a call at 352-277-7300 and we will begin to create a wonderful vacation for you and your family.


Utah Gardens

Utah Gardens –   Utah is a state in the Mountain West subregion of the Western United States, definitely a landlocked state, and is known for its beautiful and unique landscapes.  There are huge National Parks with monumental formations, beautiful gardens and of course the Great Salt Lake.  Let’s see what Sandra has found in the way of Botanical Gardens in Utah.

Red Hills Desert Garden:  It’s funny that there are 3 desert gardens, and this one is so far superior. Everything is just so perfectly marked, organized, and well maintained. The water streams and ponds, man-made slot canyon, paths, seating areas, and vistas are such a bonus! Who knew that there were many varieties of desert plants and cacti. You will have a great time wandering through the garden; lots of plants, swing benches, and fish. You’ll love the huge frog sculpture lying on a bench. Beautiful, educational, free, quiet, peaceful, and close to downtown. It’s very helpful in planning landscaping where less water is used. This is a great idea put into reality by the city! You will not be disappointed when you visit this garden in St. George.

Pioneer Heritage Gardens: Located across the street from the historic Manti Temple, this Garden is worth walking through on your own. The beautiful reflection pool makes for a worthwhile photo spot for any group, individual, or bridal party. The amphitheater accommodates 200 with seating on concrete or grass. Interesting signage located throughout the two and two-thirds-acre gardens gives a unique look at the history of the Mormon Pioneers, their arrival in Manti, and explores the reasons for their successes in this new landscape. A great rest stop for learning, concerts, family reunions, receptions or just a relaxing walk. There are statues with stories about those who settled in the area of Manti.

Conservation Garden Park: The park has more than 1000 plants and trees which have been planted in ways to be water efficient and avoid continued irrigation. There are many “themed” planting schemes and tips on how to translate the planting into your own backyard. There is no admission fee – you stroll at your own pace and there are plenty of benches and areas to stop and view. This garden is overlooked by many visitors but is very worthwhile. You can leave with a list of plants to source although we think it would be enjoyed by everyone, non-gardeners too. You will find this garden in West Jordan.

Municipal Garden: Located across from the famous Bigelow Hotel, is this small yet attractive garden. Even in early October you can find the garden to be full of colorful flowers. There is a moving firefighter’s memorial adjacent to the garden and a small cafe as well. There are a few benches and plenty of mature trees that provide shade. You will find plenty of things to do in the heart of Ogden beside this special garden.

Tracy Aviary and Botanical Garden: Committed to inspiring curiosity and caring for birds, plants, and nature through education and conservation is the largest and oldest of only two free-standing aviaries in the nation and accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Tracy Aviary and Botanical Garden has grown and evolved over our more than 80-year history to become a cultural landmark, public garden, and leader in environmental education and conservation. Our education programs reach over 60,000 children each year through interactive exhibits, camps and classes, and hands-on experiences in classrooms and neighborhoods. These engaging and educational encounters with birds and plants from as close as the Great Salt Lake and as far as the Andes Mountains often ignite the first essential sparks that propel a life-long appreciation for the natural world.  The Aviary works to better understand avian species and ecosystems through our conservation initiatives. Citizen science volunteers provide valuable insights which help influence decisions that impact open space design and species survival, preserving Utah’s natural beauty and the diversity of the Rocky Mountains for future generations.  Liberty Park in Salt Lake City is where you will find this unique garden.

TravelKatz would love to send you and your family to Utah to experience this wonderland of National Parks, Gardens, and of course the Great Salt Lake.  Call us at 352-277-7300 to discuss your plans.


Utah State Parks:

Utah State Parks – Breathtaking scenery makes Utah a beacon for that iconic American vacation — the camping trip. The state features more than 300 campgrounds, with a lot of outdoor space to enjoy, choosing your destination can be tough.  Let’s discover what’s great about Utah’s 28 State Parks and the State Reserve.

Gunlock State Park:  This Park has the Gunlock Reservoir where boating, water sports and quality fishing for bass and catfish attract visitors.  A mild winter climate makes Gunlock State Park a year-round destination. William Hamblin, a Mormon pioneer born in Ohio, settled in the present area of the lake in 1857. Gunlock Will was a good hunter and sharpshooter and was skillful in repairing gunlocks, which are the firing mechanisms for muzzleloaders. The county road to the park is the Old Spanish Trail used by horsemen and raiders from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Los Angeles from the 1820 s until the goldfields became the destination after 1849 and a shorter route was taken. Located on Gunlock Road 15 miles northwest of St. George.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park: The geology of the sand dunes is an intriguing subject. The sand comes from Navajo sandstone which is the same iron oxides and minerals that give us spectacular red rock country are responsible for this landscape of coral pink sand. Sand dunes are created by three factors: Sand, high winds, and a unique influence upon the wind. The notch between the Moquith and Moccasin mountains causes this unique influence. The wind is funneled through the notch, thereby increasing wind velocity to a point where it can carry sand grains from the eroding Navajo sandstone. Once the wind passes through the notch and into the open valley, the wind velocity decreases, causing the sand to be deposited. These dunes are estimated at 10,000 to 15,000 years old. Coral Pink Sand Dunes support a diverse population of insects, including the Coral Pink tiger beetle that is found only here. Melting snow sometimes creates small ponds in the dunes that support amphibians such as salamanders and toads. The Park is also a popular destination for ATV riders.  About 90% of the dunes are open for riding, but all the dunes are open for hiking and just playing in the sand. Located 22 miles west of Kanab on Sand Dunes Road.

East Canyon State Park: Tucked away in the mountains of northeastern Utah, East Canyon Reservoir is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and camping, but also holds a bit of history. Explore the nearby Mormon Pioneer Trail, the route taken by Mormons traveling more than 1,300 miles from Illinois to Utah. This area is rich in pioneer history. The Donner Party, on their way to California, passed through East Canyon in 1846, the first wagon train to pass through this way.  One year after the Donner Party passed through East Canyon, Mormon pioneers followed that same trail, however, this time was much easier due to the trail work the Donner party had accomplished. Four days later, Brigham Young and his group of pioneers used this trail to get to the Salt Lake valley. Many people used the Donner-Mormon route over the years, including the Overland Stage and the Pony Express. Located 12 miles south of the town of Morgan.

Otter Creek State Park: This quiet getaway is a great destination for ATV riders, boaters, and birders. Access three ATV trails, including the Paiute Trail System, directly from the park. Go birding during spring and fall as many birds fly through the park on their journey along the Pacific Migratory Bird Flyway. Otter Creek Reservoir has become famous for quality fishing. It contains Rainbow, Cutthroat, and Brown Trout as well as Smallmouth Bass and Wipers. Whether you are into fishing, hunting, OHV riding, birding, hiking, and many other outdoor activities, Otter Creek State Park offers you a location to start any adventure. Our campground has over 50 sites (21 of those have electric and water hookups) as well as a group-use pavilion perfect for gatherings and reunions. We now have 2 cabins for rent that can each sleep 6 people. Modern restrooms with individual showers are also located in the park. During our summer season, we offer rentals on fishing boats, canoes, paddleboards, and mountain bikes. Approximately 220 miles south of Salt Lake City.

Travelkatz is looking forward to helping you have a fabulous vacation in Utah. Just call us at 352-277-7300, or “chat” at www.travelkatz.com.


Utah Museums:

Utah Museums – This state is known for its beautiful National Parks, the Mormon Tabernacle, and wonderful views from some of the best ski resorts in the US.

The Kanab Heritage House Museum: Also called the Jewel of Kanab, preserves and brings to life the rich customs and traditions of southern Utah. Built in1894, the Heritage House is a Victorian era home constructed In the Queen Anne style. The original owner Henry Bowman proclaimed he had built the “first modern home in Kane County”. The Museum is a timeless work of art that now showcases the rich history of Kanab and its people. The museum interior is complete with many period and original furnishings. You will learn tons of history about Kanab and Utah in general, the home is well-preserved, and the free tours start at the top of the hour. Tours will immerse you in the cultural history and heritage of the Southern Utah town of Kanab.

Dinosaur Quarry: Part of Dinosaur National Monument, the Quarry contains one of the highest concentrations of fossilized dinosaur bones from the Jurassic period. Lots of big dinosaur bones, skillfully exhumed to be seen in bas relief. Huge dinosaur bones YOU CAN TOUCH! Excellent displays, and friendly rangers to answer your questions. This is a great place for family members of all ages. Children seemed to be especially drawn to the bones. Go out of your way if necessary, to visit this site in Jensen. You will never forget it.

Natural History Museum of Utah: As the Utah state museum of natural history, this top attraction introduces the science in Utah’s remarkable landscape! With engaging exhibits and over 5,000 artifacts on display, the Museum features Utah’s paleontology discoveries, fascinating gems and minerals found world-wide, preserved artifacts from Utah’s prehistoric peoples, and stories told by the five Native nations that lie within the state’s boundaries. Journey to the top of a three-story indoor Canyon. Wander through Utah’s dinosaurs and animal life. Interact with earthquakes, erosion, and our Digital Globe to discover how the earth’s surface and the Great Salt Lake have changed over time. Hike the Bonneville Shoreline trail. Experience natural history as only Utah can reveal it. Enjoy beverages, lunch or a snack at the Museum Cafe. Shop the Museum Store for unique jewelry and gift items influenced by nature’s design. Visitors with young children will enjoy Our Backyard, an intimate, discovery-based environment that invites our pre-school visitors to experience natural history firsthand! The museum is relatively small, but it has a big-time, modern feel, and does a fantastic job of highlighting the things that are unique about Utah. There are plenty of interactive features for children and adults to enjoy. Right now, the special exhibit is “The Vikings” and they’ve done a spectacular job of combining intriguing objects and relic with a thorough and highly interesting exploration of the culture. Visit this museum in Salt Lake City.

Wheeler Historic Farm: This Farm dates back to 1887, but was restored about 30 years ago, and appears to be always improving. It is a working farm that offers visitors the opportunity to experience a slice of farm life – but it is also just beautiful. There are wagon rides, and cow-milking demonstrations, displays of vintage farm machinery, animals and gardens. The grounds are a real pleasure to walk, and they are fairly expansive, with a pretty creek running through. It is free to visit, but some attractions have a small fee (the “cow train” for kids, tour of the main farmhouse). There is also a very cool playground and gift store located in Salt Lake City.

Treehouse Children’s Museum: A fairly new museum opened in 1992, Treehouse Museum is a hands-on children’s museum focused on children’s literature and the arts. With dozens of beautiful exhibits and award-winning daily programs Treehouse is truly the magical place where children and families can “Step into a Story.” There are so many things to do and see…many interactive exhibits, even a play that stars the children from the audience! A Great P to visit in Ogden.

Travelkatz is looking forward to hearing from you either by phone (352-277-7300) or “chat” so we can answer your question and plan a great family trip to Utah.


Utah Festival:

Utah Festivals – The festivals in Utah have their own flavor be it in the fall, winter or spring. Come join in the celebrations that we have chosen for you.

Southern Utah Dickens Christmas Festival: The sights and sounds of 19th Century London come alive at this festival, but it is a unique and unusual entertainment and shopping experience. Olde English shops, hundreds of period costumes, orphans, royalty, and the “real” Father Christmas all combine to offer guests a Christmas experience like no other! The Festival is known for its unique gifts and quality merchandise. Shoppers come for that special treasure. Join us as the streets of Olde London come to life! Dixie Convention Center, Saint George, Dec 4 – 7, 2019, until 9:00 PM.

Snowfest: Holly Days is a community tradition in Riverton! With two nights of fun, families gather in the park to visit Santa and participate in activities of all kinds. Crafts for the kids, cookie decorating, marshmallow roasting, vendors, and local entertainment will be provided. Kids will have the opportunity to write their letter to Santa and read the giant storybook pages out of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Hot chocolate will be provided. Riverton City Park, Riverton; Fri and Sat, Dec 6 – 7.

Torchlight Parade at Deer Valley Resort: This Parade will be held on Big Stick ski run on Bald Eagle Mountain, behind Snow Park Lodge. Complimentary hot cider and cookies will be served on the Snow Park Plaza. Park City; December 30, 2019, at dusk.

Sundance Film Festival: Every winter in Utah, this Festival becomes the ultimate gathering of original storytellers and audiences seeking new voices and fresh perspectives. The annual program includes dramatic and documentary features and short films; series and episodic content; and New Frontier, showcasing emerging media in the form of multimedia installations, performances, and films. They also host daily filmmaker conversations, panel discussions, and live music events. Since 1985, hundreds of films that have launched at the Festival have gained critical recognition and acclaim, reaching new audiences worldwide. Held at the Sheraton in Park City, January 23 – February 2, 2020.

Park City Snowfest: Join the magic of the holiday season in Park City during Snowfest. Celebrations abound; from Santa Comes Downtown Lift and festive live music to the 57th Annual Torchlight Parade, fireworks, special daily surprises and more. Your favorite holiday memories are made here in Park City. Dec. 20 – Jan. 5.

Utah Dance Film Festival: Filmmakers are encouraged to attend the dance classes and bring their cameras; dancers are encouraged to attend the film classes and bring a notebook!  During this weekend, also offered is dance and film workshop programming from local and international dance and film artists. Our awards showcase features the winning films, as well as live performances by Utah dance artists like Junction Dance Company, BYU’s Folk-Dance Ensemble, Ballet West Academy students and BYU’s Contemporary Dance Theater. The annual festival is sponsored in part by the Utah Film Commission. Orem, Feb 21 & 22, 2020

Look at the World – Youth Honor Choir Festival: The Youth Honor Choir Festival features youth and high school singers in collaboration with other singers. The choirs will perform choral music from around the world, along with this year’s featured work, the exquisite Requiem by John Rutter. Libby Gardner Concert Hall, Salt Lake City; Sat, March 21, 2020 at 2:00 PM.

Give TravelKatz a call and we will be happy to make Utah a special vacation for you and your family. Our number is 352-277-7300. We know the direct flights from Tampa going to Salt Lake City. We encourage you to join in the festivities spring, summer, winter, or fall.


Park City

Park City lies east of Salt Lake City in the western state of Utah. Framed by the craggy Wasatch Range, it’s bordered by the Deer Valley Resort and the huge Park City Mountain Resort, both known for their ski slopes. Utah Olympic Park, to the north, hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics and is now predominantly a training facility. In town, Main Street is lined with buildings built during a 19th-century silver mining boom.

Deer Valley Resort is a skier’s only resort located in the historic mining town of Park City, Utah. Rated the number #1 ski resort in North America for a remarkable FIVE years running by the readers of SKI Magazine, they never stop striving to better the guests’ experience. The runs are always groomed, they limit the daily tickets, so the chairlift lines are minimal and there’s warming huts and places for meals/snacks everywhere. Highly recommended for ALL levels of skiers!

Park City Puzzling Adventure: Turn Park City into a game while partaking on a 2-hour Walking Adventure. Your smartphone will act as your guide, while you solve clues and complete challenges around the city.  Choose your own start time and embark on your adventure. With your smartphone as your guide, go on a brain-teasing and educational walking tour of your chosen neighborhood. Visit a series of locations and answer the questions or solve puzzles to receive your next instruction. There is no need to race as quickly as possible from start to finish. Part of the fun is enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of the tour. Before heading to your next location, you’ll have time to eat, drink, enjoy the sights, and freshen up as the game clock is not running. You’re only timed on your travel and puzzles. At the end of your adventure, see your rank based on a combination of your answers to the questions and game clock time.

Park City Museum: A gem located in the center of Park City historic district. The museum covers the history of Park City and life in the area. Gives a good picture of life in the silver mines and the people that worked there-well worth a visit. The replica of the grocery store and how things used to be packaged and sold is particularly interesting. The tour starts with a docent giving a brief history of Park City from the early to mid-1800’s. Then you continue through the museum on your own. Information was clearly displayed, and interactive displays made it fun. It is the right size for a tour of 1-2 hours. You will leave the museum with an appreciation for Park City, its people and its history.

Guardsman Pass Scenic Backway:  If you are up in the Park City area, the drive through Guardsman’s Pass in a drive you will not want to miss. From the Old Town you head up the mountain to access the Guardsman’s pass area which has beautiful view as you make your way to the high point. From the top point the road gets a bit narrow but then widens out. You can even stop at the top where you can take a nice walk to scenic lake. Then you head down the mountain and the drive is just breath taken. If you are in the Park City area and if you like scenery, then Guardsman’s Pass is for you.

Utah Olympic Park: A great time is to had just walking through and seeing the setup of the jumps, luge, etc. If you come on a weekday, you will be able to participate in any of the activities. However, you will have a great time just taking it all in. Just seeing the Olympic Setup is unique and exciting. Taking pictures did not do it justice.  Walking through and seeing the size of the jumps and luge course was just an experience. We recommend going even if it is just to walk/look around.

Park City Utah Summer Attractions:  Near hundreds of hiking trails, numerous parks and a multitude of accessible lakes. It is a great place for those who enjoy hiking, mountain biking, or just any type of country tourist experiences any time of year.

Flights from Tampa to Salt Lake City and a 35-minute car rental drive gets you to Park City.  Give us a call at 352-277-7300 and we will make all your vacation arrangements for a fun time.

Utah State Capital: SALT LAKE CITY

Founded by Mormon settlers led by Brigham Young in 1847, Salt Lake City was originally called “City of the Great Salt Lake,” after the nearby Great Salt Lake. The word “Great” was officially dropped from the city’s name in 1868. The city’s eponymous lake, meanwhile, was named by explorer John C. Fremont—the same explorer who named Carson River, after which Nevada’s capital is named.

Utah State Capitol:  We took a fun walk around the State capital and found it was really a neat place. The grounds are well kept, people are having fun, and it’s a beautiful place.  Much as the US Capitol building dominates the D.C. Sight lines, the Utah State Capitol bldg sits atop State Street and offers an amazing view of the sprawling SLC region from the hill. The building was open and the inside is just as amazing – recommend walking up to it to get in some steps/burn some calories you that can add on later during your visit to SLC! A tour with a very knowledgeable guide who explained the history and shows you the old supreme court, the House of Representative and the Senate etc. is well worth it. Also, the foundations are interesting as it has been built to survive a fairly substantial earthquake. Recommended.

Natural History Museum of Utah:  This is a world class museum to learn about the geology and life history of Utah, as well as special exhibits. You can also see the continuing, extensive research going on there. Views from areas such as the cafe are also outstanding. One of the best dinosaur museum; very detailed exhibition. The Viking exhibit at the museum is very interesting, amazed at what they used for tools and the jewelry!

Big Cottonwood Canyon:  Located in the Wasactch Mountains, this wilderness region offers a limitless range of recreation for outdoor enthusiasts.  Less than 30 minutes from downtown SLC, the drive up the canyon makes for a nice escape to nature. The drive itself is beautiful, with amazing rock formations the first few miles, followed by wildflowers, waterfalls, and green meadows. There are many places along the way to pull over for better views and to get some great photos. There are some amazing hiking trails and some nice spots to simply sit, relax, and take in nature. The drive takes you to Solitude Resort, then to Brighton Resort, about two miles further up the road, where the canyon ends. During the summer, I highly recommend taking the drive-up Guardsman’s Pass, which is an incredibly scenic drive that takes you up to the backside of Jupiter Bowl at Park City, then down into the Deer Valley Resort area. At the top of the pass, there’s a small dirt parking lot, where you can park and spend some time taking in the amazing views. If you want to stand at the top of Jupiter Bowl and look back over Park City, there is a small dirt road that curves up the hill across the street. It’s about a 1/4-mile uphill walk, but it’s relatively easy and you’ll be rewarded with some terrific views.
If you’re short on time, the drive up and back through Big Cottonwood Canyon will take less than two hours round trip from downtown SLC, assuming no stops along the way. If you have several hours, it’s well worth making the Guardsman’s Pass drive, then exploring Deer Valley and Park City before returning to SLC via I-80.

The Tabernacle: it was explained that this organ contained several thousand flutes! it is majestic and sounds great. it is in a building structure that was built by bridge engineer that impressively built the building in such a manner that allowed anyone on the podium to lecture without the assistance of a microphone. you can hear a pin drop. If you can catch the choir practice sessions at the tabernacle, you love it. Or even the organist recitals are so very nice. Most downtown hotels offer a shuttle there. Originally built in 1867, it had over 700 pipes and was powered by hand-pump bellows. Later it was converted to water power, and now it’s powered with electricity.

Salt Lake Acting Company: Salt Lake Acting Company is an amazing place! Great, 1st class, entertainment is what you get there. Never do I walk away feeling like I shouldn’t have gone. Once you see one of their shows you will be an instant fan. The theater is small, making the production that much more intimate and special. The actors were top notch – even with an audience of kids! This is a highly recommended Acting Company if you’re in the mood for theater in SLC.

Wheeler Historic Farm:  this unique, historic and beautiful gem in the middle of the fast-growing Salt Lake Valley. It is a great place for families, dogs and I believe there is a farmer’s market there now too. Amazing to find such a rural throwback to the pioneer days, with many farm animals, in the middle of this metropolis. Lots of buildings, trucks, tractors, farm equipment, ponds, trees, etc. On Sunday, they have the Farmers Market where you can buy local produce and other things like breads, tamales, and other variations of goods. It’s a great place to spend some time with family or friends.

We can get you to Salt Lake for your vacation. Just call TravelKatz at 352-277-7300 and you will be on your way.


Another option for our Utah Vacation Package is the Natural Wonder.  See our selection of choice below to see if it fancies your style.  Please don’t hesitate in contacting us with any questions or concerns.

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