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Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica extends majestically from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, and its distance is barely 200 miles.  With more than a century of democratic traditions and more than 50 years without an army, the money the country saves is invested in improving the standard of living, which helps maintain social peace; a wonderful place to visit.

Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica extends majestically from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, and its distance is barely 200 miles.  With more than a century of democratic traditions and more than 50 years without an army, the money the country saves is invested in improving the standard of living, which helps maintain social peace; a wonderful place to visit.  The capital of the country, San José is the epitome of culture and entertainment.  There are several things to do and places to go when visiting Costa Rica.

An Exciting List of Things To Do include:

            Adventure:  Costa Rica is a land of volcanoes, rainforests and cloud forests, huge waterfalls, and mighty rivers. This abundant natural setting makes it difficult to decide between the various activities it offers, which include zip lines, horseback riding, hiking, biking, climbing, golfing, lazy river tubing. white water rafting, windsurfing, diving, kayaking, recreational fishing, and surfing.  Any one of the many national parks and biological reserves areas are fun for hiking with the entire family while an afternoon fishing for trout and tilapia might round out the day – or enjoy canopy tours, or have fun walking on hanging bridges.

            Beaches and Sun:  Costa Rica occupies a privileged place in the heart of Central America for the richness of its beaches, from the Pacific coast to the Caribbean Sea; you are separated by just three hours in vehicle. There are about 600 beaches that surround the entire territory.  This wealth allows the enjoyment of the beach as a means of recreation, sport, and rest. There are wooded beaches, with natural spaces and relatively little influx of tourists as well as great expanses of sand and blue water.  The Caribbean region stands out for its variety of marine ecosystems and its white- and black-sand beaches, ideal for activities centered around nature and the Gulf of Mexico.  The Pacific coast contains major tourism centers and beaches that are favorites among surfers with its famous long left wave.

            Bird Watching:  Costa Rica has long been famous among serious bird watchers and many people who never before had an interest change their mind when they encounter the country’s spectacular avian diversity.  With almost 900 species of birds concentrated into an area half the size of Kentucky, it is hard not to become an instant fan of the beautifully feathered creatures you will encounter. Tours and excursions provided by experienced nature guides make any bird watching expedition an enjoyable and educational experience.

            The Culture:  Costa Rica is a country of friendly, multicultural/multilingual people descended from immigrants from five different countries, as well as the indigenous people, tribes, and groups.  Take a little piece of the Costa Rican soul home with you with handicrafts made by our artisans, which adds value to your travel experience.  Artistic expressions are distinguished for their professionalism and quality.  Costa Rica also offers world-renowned cultural wonders, including: the chiefdom settlements, the stone spheres of southern Costa Rica, and the Guayab National Archaeological Monument. Other offerings and cultural traditions include dance, traditional ceramics, and various festivals.  The National Museum will take you through Costa Rica’s history while the Children’s Museum will take your family on an interactive learning adventure.

               Ecotourism:  Costa Rica is a lush country where nature is on display in all its splendor thanks to extraordinary biodiversity and is based on studying and observing all the features of nature.  The country offers 29 national parks, 19 wildlife refuges, 8 biological reserves, and a series of protected areas that captivate lovers of ecotourism activities. Excursions and tours are widely varied offering landscapes and natural heritage sites, as well as aerial trams, lakes, and rivers full of flora and fauna.  Ecotourism not only aims to provide beautiful natural experiences for tourists, but also to educate visitors about the importance of protecting natural resources.  The country’s sustainable cuisine ranges from home cooking to the traditional, modern, sophisticated, vegetarian/vegan, to the innovative at restaurants, and farmers markets, using a variety of organic products tailored to meet any level of demand, with a range of food prepared with fresh and natural ingredients. Near the beach areas you will find a wide variety of options to taste Costa Rican cuisine.  The Sustainability Certification Program (CST) – is a balanced interaction between three essential aspects within the tourism industry: appropriate administration of natural and cultural resources, improvement of the quality of life of neighboring communities, and the economic success which contributes to other national development programs.  This program was developed for tourist enterprises in order to categorize and distinguish those Costa Rican hotels that demonstrate sustainability within their operations, with respect to the management of natural, cultural, and social resources.

            Family Fun:  Costa Rica has a wholesome environment and is an excellent place for families, with plenty of exciting activities everyone will enjoy including walks, guided visits, group games, interacting with the locals, enjoying the local cuisine, beach sports and much more.  Costa Rica offers a wide range of activities suited to every taste and budget.

            Rural Experience:  Provided is an authentic experience with personalized attention that allows you to enjoy our form of rural living, and to get know the essence and identity of Costa Ricans.  The family farm  allows you to enjoy personalized attention and helps you learn about rural culture, farming traditions and small artisan industries. It invites you inside rural living in the country through traditional cuisine, authenticity of the communities, and the wealth that comes from living in a natural environment where sustainable practices are promoted by business owners.   In addition, the experiences of community-based rural tourism, take you inside the lively culture of rural communities, private ecological reserves, farm areas, or sites close to areas of environmental and cultural interest.  Visit farmers markets and organic fairs in major cities across the country to discover all products.

            Wildlife Experiences:  To make a calendar of the biological events that has fascinated over many years of wandering in National Parks and reserves and publish it as a book has been a long-time dream of Costa Rica. However, it was not until they actually embarked on this path that they realized the enormity of the task, and if they were able to achieve it after three years work it was only thanks to the enormous and incredibly generous network of researchers who continue monitoring their respective areas of research throughout the country.  Truly an experience!

Wonderful Places to Go include:

Guanacaste:  With a total of 5,921 sq. miles and more than 400 miles of coast line, the Guanacaste tourism area comprises the Pacific Coast area from the border of Nicaragua to the Bongo River estuary in the Nicoya Peninsula. This tourism area is home to an especially important section of Costa Rica’s cultural and natural heritage.

Northern Plains:  With its several protected areas, lakes, lagoons, volcanoes, rivers and waterfalls, the Northern Zone is undergoing a boom in tourism service and adventure site development, so that nature-loving visitors can enjoy the region’s many riches.

Central Valley:  Offers a variety of cultural and natural attractions, including the best museums in the country: Gold, Jade, National, Costa Rican Art, La Salle Natural Sciences, Insects at the University of Costa Rica, Contemporary Arts & Design and Children’s, among others. Also, the architectural jewel of Costa Rica is located here: the National Theatre.

Puntarenas:  The Puntarenas tourist area and the Golfo Islands comprise 1517 sq. miles and 264 miles of coast line. Part of the area’s boundaries is undefined since a part of the Nicoya Peninsula, as well as the city of Puntarenas, fall within this area. The shoreline of both tourism areas is joined by maritime transport.

Central Pacific:  This region of the country stretches from the city of Puntarenas to the mouth of the Río Barú in the area known as Dominical de Osa. It has three cities attractive to tourists and well developed for tourism: Quepos, Jacó and Puntarenas.

Caribbean:  This tourism area covers 5027 sq. miles with 200 miles of coastline. It makes up the Costa Rican Caribbean, which extends from the San Juan River to the Sixaola River along the Panamanian border. The city of Limón is located in the center of the tourist sector with a port and many tourism areas.

South Pacific:  The entrance door and distribution main center is Pérez Zeledón’s city, its limit extends through the canton’s edge, including the Fila Tinamastes attractions, such as the waterfalls of Nauyaca, Platanillo town and even the Barú River, where the coastal sector extends to Punta Burica.

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