TravelKatz New Year’s Resolutions

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TravelKatz New Year’s Resolutions

After everything we have been through these past several months, we have counted down to the New Year, 2021, meaning now is the time of year to start thinking about Travel New Year’s Resolutions. In that spirit, TravelKatz has named eight travel resolutions for 2021 – eight ways that travel can lead to a more meaningful life. They are:

Travel more – Travelers report that the very act of visiting somewhere new makes them happier, healthier, more creative, more relaxed, and more successful at work. But many people leave some of their hard-earned vacation time on the table. To escape work, pick a slow time of year and book in advance to commit. If time and money are issues, even weekend getaways will scratch the wanderlust itch.

Volunteer – Voluntourism is rising in popularity as people welcome the chance to do good, learn and travel at the same time. In a year plagued by various disasters, opportunities exist to help popular travel destinations. Grace Bay Club in the Turks and Caicos Islands can arrange for guests to help with local recovery efforts in the aftermath of hurricanes and the pandemic.  Sandals and Beaches Resorts welcome its visitors to volunteer at various places around the Caribbean Islands.

Learn a new skill – Master Italian cooking in the California Sanoma Valley; culinary travel is a top trend. Whether dusting off high-school French in Quebec or honing photography talents while capturing memories of the trip, travel comes with a built-in education and the ability to learn at every turn.

Be kind to the environment – Discover how to make a difference as a sustainable traveler and put your knowledge into practice. Book a vacation at an eco-luxury hotel in Costa Rica, where 500 private acres of carbon-offsetting cloud forest, hidden waterfalls, and organic cuisine is relaxing. Each suite sits on above-ground pillars to respect the forest’s natural topography and features bamboo ceiling tiles, energy-efficient lighting, and an energy-saving electric heater.

Conquer a fear – The beauty of travel is that it can push travelers beyond their comfort zones. From the more adventurous, such as swimming with sharks in Mexico or skydiving in New Zealand, to something less extreme like traveling solo or voyaging to an off-the-beaten path destination, the options are endless for broadening your horizons.

Deepen a friendship – Travel brings people together and strengthens relationships through shared experiences. Consider traveling with those beyond immediate family – a college roommate or favorite cousin makes the perfect travel companion. Spending quality time together deepens existing bonds and creates a lifetime of memories.

Get in “travel shape” – Combine travel with the ever-popular improved fitness resolution. If your style is yoga, meditation, and massages in a Zen-like setting, visit a wellness resort for relaxation and rejuvenation. If you prefer a high level of activity, plan an adventure to help you shape up or burn calories. That could be anything from skiing in Switzerland to kayaking in Canada.

Become a global citizen – Before the pandemic, the United Nations World Tourism Organization reported that more than one billion tourists crossed international borders each year. We will return to those figures and perhaps beyond.  Travel fosters a greater appreciation of other countries and cultures, and makes one realize they are part of a larger global community.

For travel in 2021, 2022, and beyond – please contact TravelKatz at 352-277-7300 to make your travel plans known to us so we can help you make the most of Your Travel!  Visit for more travel experiences, suggestions for vacations, and weekend getaways.  Happy New Year !


TravelKatz® Vacation Testimonials

I accompanied a group of 12 to Alaska this past summer.  We flew into Seattle, saw some of the sights, and then flew to Juneau to start our Adventure Cruise.  What a wonderful Adventure. We saw glaciers, hump-back whales and other fascinating things...we would do this again. Thank you for such a great time!

Sandy H, St Petersburg, FL

I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful job you did organizing our trip. It absolutely was the best vacation I have ever had. This was my first time over seas and what a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I am going through “James” withdraw today. He was an amazing tour guide and fit in so well with our group. I will definitely recommend you if I know of anyone thinking of going over to Ireland. Your country is so beautiful and everyone is so friendly. I can’t thank you enough for everything.

Jack & JoAnn Douglass, Miami, FL

I appreciated all the information that was given before I left on the trip. Our Guide, Jerry filled in all the other interesting information on what to expect. I felt safe, well feed and learned so much from a trip 45 mins from USA…I want people to see the beauty of the country, the people and their wonderful culture. I so loved the music. I am playing the CD’s often that I bought from the musicians. A trip I would like to do again. Thank you.

Susan Peterson, Spring Hill, FL

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