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TravelKatz Co-Owner & Travel Advisor

Sandra Holder

An online travel agent trained in Special Events on Land and Sea, she is a member of a Master Mind Group with other like-minded Event Coordinators, allowing her to keep up with current information regarding the travel industry.

As a child, I spent my school years in Philadelphia and summers on the Jersey coast. Each summer I would spend time looking over the breaking waves and wonder what was on the other side. This became my dream – to see the world.  After collage, I became a teacher in New Jersey, where I met my husband. The first part of our marriage was spent in Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, and California – we moved a lot. My husband’s job required that he travel, and I got to go with him quite often loving every destination.  We traveled to various places in Europe, the Caribbean and to Hawaii.

After a number of years, and with an early retirement, we moved to Florida. I am thankful for this move as he passed away at the age of 59. My travel days seemed to be over.  My married, adult children were in three different states starting families of their own. It was much easier for me to hop a plane instead of them coming to me.  That seemed to be the extent of my travel – so far…

Soon after, I was introduced to the Travel Industry and was able to keep my dream of traveling the world alive. I met Kathryn; we eventually decided to team up and created TravelKatz. The rest of that story is now history!  Being hearing impaired has never slowed me down since I have a special phone which helps me talk with our clients and take care of all their needs, without ever missing a beat.

Because I am a Professional Travel Advisor, I am required to attend ongoing training, and am proud to do business under the umbrella of a leading Travel Industry Host Agency. I belong to the following Associations: CLIA, ARC and IATAN; and a Seller of Travel in required states.  I am fully insured and bonded through that Host Agency.

My training resulted in Certificates from American Queen Voyages, Holland America Cruises, and Mayflower; Internationally for Chile, Brazil, and Ireland, as well as Destination Weddings and Honeymoons, and Travel Insurance; and now I am certified for several destinations in the United States.  With our suppliers, we have great relationships. They help us customize vacations for you, our clients.

Being an Advisor trained in Special Events on Land and Sea, I am a Certified Group Travel Specialist with other like-minded travel event coordinators, allowing me to stay current with industry information.

Locally, I am a member of the Christian Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay (C3TB), a member of the Fort Cooper Chapter of the DAR, an avid golfer and duplicate bridge player. I am a proud mother to three wonderful, grown children and grandmother to five fabulous grandchildren. I feel very blessed with the amazing spouses my children have chosen.

TravelKatz has been a part of Salem Tampa for more than seven years. I believe that as a Christian lady, the Lord has been instrumental in having us be a part of FaithTalk Radio. I feel blessed by our association with WTBN and their sister stations.  I want to thank Salem Tampa for the many opportunities they have given us in our community.  We have helped them with the Pastors Appreciation Luncheon, the Ladies Event, and the famous Pastors Masters golf event among others.  All resulting in travel experiences for each of the winners.

Tune in on TravelKatz to VacationNationRadio. From way above Ocala to Venice and all the way over to Lakeland and sometimes beyond that you can listen to our podcast – the recorded podcast is on our website, .  All Kathryn and I talk about is Travel…International Destinations, Travel Tips, Travel in the USA, and Cruises – that’s our format.

If you are planning a Group Event coupled with a Vacation Experience, we are more than ready to help you on Land or at Sea!

Remember – A Group Is Two Or More!

~~Bon Voyage!   Sandra


TravelKatz Co-Owner & Travel Advisor

Kathryn Hoyt

I’m from Missouri – born in St. Louis; grew up in Cape Girardeau.  I “believe” it just comes naturally that I would be interested in cruising because Cape Girardeau is the only interior “cape” in the U.S., and living in Cape Girardeau – I literally grew up on the river, as my father was a tow boat captain.  I spent many a summers vacationing on those boats.  I even got to steer one of the tow boats up the Mississippi one summer, dreaming that I might even be the first lady tow boat captain, but alas, my life led me down other paths.

A year after graduating high school and while working in Washington, DC, I met and married my boy’s father. We moved to Clearwater, Florida shortly after our marriage; his family was there, and my family soon moved there, too.  I looked into the training to be a travel agent, but again, my life lead me down a different path.  I have two boys, Billy, and Jonathan, who are grown and married: one fantastic grandson, Nicholas, an adorable granddaughter, Ivannah.

Divorced, I really struggled to find my calling.  Then one day a mutual friend introduced me to a wonderful man, Ed, and we married.  A few years later I met Sandra; she re-introduced me to the Travel Industry – WooHoo!  Then all of a sudden here I am!  A dream comes true.  YES!

Helping people realize their dream vacations, getting them on board beautiful ships and sailing around the world, or touring faraway, distant lands; this IS a dream come true for me. I really enjoy watching the expressions on my client’s faces as they are telling me of their unique experiences on the water and at the ports and as they discover new foreign countries, cultures, and cuisines.

On my “bucket list” is a family cruise with my boys and their families!  Helping them discover what I have found, showing them around this great big, beautiful world – while cruising and/or touring.  I can hardly wait to see the expressions on their faces!

I will say my favorite cruise line on the river has to be the American Queen Voyages.  Sandra and I took a training cruise from New Orleans to Baton Rouge – I like lime with my water.  I asked for it only once!  Every meal after that, I had lime at my place setting.  It didn’t matter where I sat either.  I look for those little details that make a vacation memorable and this was one of those details that made my day!  It will make yours, too.

I have completed several certifications within the Travel Industry enabling me to have wonderful relationships with our suppliers.  With them we can put together an amazing, customized vacation for you, our client.  One among many is Group Travel.  That’s two or more…

We have a book – Group Travel Made Easy.  This book is written for the Group Leader.  We share many secrets for the group leader and help them figure out the best destination for their group along with all the amenities that accompany any vacation.  Logistically, we manage all that matters:  marketing, advertising, collecting and paying for reservations, planning the excursions, and parties.  What fun!  Where do you want to go with your group?  Be it a golf group, church group, card party, work group, or seminar; we can help you plan it from start to finish.  Listen to our radio show – VacationNationRadio – a podcast on our website. and anywhere you tune in to podcasts.

Salem Tampa and WTBN 570, 910, 760, and their sister stations have been instrumental in bringing us closer to our community with all the events in which we have partnered. I believe the Lord has been right in front of us leading us all the way.  Had it not been for a tap on my shoulder and a phone call one Saturday morning, we would not be where we are today. Thank you, Barb!

See you on the radio!

~~ Huggs ~~