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14 Days – Antarctica – The White Continent

Travel with virtually any company to Antarctica, and you will see penguins. They are the citizens of the white continent, present in astounding numbers, and endlessly fascinating. Travel with our supplier, however, and you’ll travel equipped for up-close, personal encounters—with a fleet of Zodiacs and kayaks to enable you to get closer.


The Splendors of Japan – 2022/2023

Discover the essence of Japan on a journey of discovery from iconic Tokyo to Takayama and Kyoto. Embrace the timeless tradition and modern spirit of Japan’s iconic sites, from the neon skyline of Tokyo to the foodie hotspot of Osaka. Relax in the soothing hot springs of Kotohira, spend the night in a traditional ryokan and contemplate world peace at the final remnants of Hiroshima’s atomic blast.


Travel South Africa

Table Mountain is an excellent place for picture taking. The views are breath-taking. You see the whole bay and Lion’s Head. There is a walking trail that tells you what the view is at each position. The cable car is lots of fun, especially for the children. This is one of the 7 Wonders of the World, and you can certainly see why.


12-Day South Africa Spotlight

Let the exuberant wilderness of Africa take center stage on this visit to breathtaking ports dotting the southern half of the continent, ideal staging points for a wide array of safaris across beautifully maintained natural reserves.


Switzerland – Land of Enchantment

Visiting Switzerland is like visiting 3 countries in one. Traveling in the northern region you find that German is the primary language and Austrian-German cuisine is predominant. When visiting Lugano in the southeastern part of Switzerland, Italian is the language of choice and wonderful Italian restaurants abound. And while in the southwestern region of the country we are near the border of France, as evidenced by the people’s language and the restaurants. It’s a remarkable tour for its diversity and beauty as well as its people’s hospitality.


The Holy Land

From the Caribbean - these island resorts ARE incredible!  You will be experiencing the authentic, superior All-Inclusive, best quality, consistent, and a good example of what an all-inclusive should be on this incredible journey. 


Northern Italy – Milan to Venice

From Milan to Turin to Venice, these next six days will be incredible!  You will be visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Castles, Cathedrals, Canals, Shopping Districts, Vineyards, and Canals.  Milan to Turin to Venice is the incredible journey we will be traveling.  We will be taking high-speed rail, luxury motorcoach, and boat, discovering the culture and cuisine of Northern Italy, places rarely visited.  So, visit and tour these three vibrant cities in Northern Italy with us...


Bermuda’s Nine Parishes

In 1616 the islands were surveyed and divided into tribes (shares of land). These tribes are today’s nine parishes. Many are named for the Elizabethan Era English Aristocrats and members of the Virginia Company of 1612 and the Bermuda Company of 1615.


Capitals of Scandinavia

Do you have limited time, but want to go someplace off the beaten track? How about Scandinavia? From Denmark to Finland, discover the capital cities of the northern region of the world by traveling to Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.  Visit and tour six of the most beautiful cities in each of these countries.  It will take you nine days to accomplish this vacation, but you will come away with a new perspective of what the culture and cuisine holds here.  Enjoy your vacation to Scandinavia!


Best of Hawaii

Do you have limited time, but want to go someplace off the beaten track? How about Hawaii? This tour will take you to several islands where you can explore on your own "off the beaten track" or go with the other travelers. You will be able to take helicopter adventures, snorkel adventures, and even tour the world’s largest volcano in its park setting.


Portugal in Depth

What shoes should you pack for walking on sunshine? The pair best suited for 1,000 miles of shoreline and 300 days of sunlit skies per year. With its refreshing Atlantic breezes and live-life-to the-fullest Mediterranean ways, the sun-drenched country of Portugal invites you to dip your toe—and entire body—into a sea of relaxation.


Contrasts Of Switzerland

All aboard for one of the world's most beautiful train journeys. On this exciting Switzerland trip, you'll travel through the stunning Swiss countryside. It's a gem of a trip featuring life in tiny villages and sophisticated cities, not to mention St. Moritz with its jet-set appeal. An amazing vacation from a different perspective. Camera ready?


Grand Tour of France

This is an International vacation the whole family will love - or if you are traveling with a group - everyone will love. You’ll visit some spectacular, historical and breathtaking places in France Camera ready?


Iceland – The Continent

This is an International vacation the whole family will love - or if you are traveling with a group - everyone will love. You’ll visit some spectacular, breathtaking places in Iceland for a real adventure. Camera ready?


Protestant and Catholic Religious Journeys

If Religious travel is on your list of things to do and places to go, TravelKatz has several options from the European Reformation, the Steps of the Apostle Paul, to the streets where Jesus walked in Israel and Jordan.  We have included trips to Ireland, Italy, and Spain, too. 


Argentina – The End of the Earth

This is an International vacation the whole family will love - or if you are traveling with a group - everyone will love. You’ll visit some spectacular, breathtaking places in Argentina for a real adventure. There is camping involved. Camera ready?