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Travelkatz will put together a New York Vacation Package custom tailored just for you. We handle all aspects of your trip so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. We provide three options for every state in the USA. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate in contacting us.


Alabama Military: Alabama is a southeastern U.S. state that’s home to significant military landmarks and events from the Civil War, World War I and World War II, all the way through history to space travel.

U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum: This Museum is operated by the Alabama Center of Military History and is dedicated to promoting and disseminating the accomplishments of American military men and women. The emphasis is on participants of World War I and subsequent conflicts. The survivors and families can use the Museum facilities to reminisce on their own experiences and those of parents, grandparents, and other close relatives. There are displays – more than 30 historical military vehicles from World War I to the present, as well as tableaus, artifacts, and other memorabilia dating back to the Revolutionary War. Supporting organizations include the 19th Alabama Infantry which sponsors exhibits from 18th and 19th Century conflicts, and the 8th Air Force Historical Society, which sponsors a Bomb Group briefing room. Both organizations support ‘living history’ presentations on many Saturdays. At the Museum is a reference library, in addition to published material such as the Seventh Army After Action Report from World War II. The library offers written and oral reminiscences of Alabama veterans. In this vein, veterans and their families are invited to send written material or audio cassette tapes to the Museum for inclusion in the library. A narrative by the veteran, or an interview by a relative, will provide a legacy of the contribution. The Museum welcomes the participation of military and veterans’ groups and individuals in making this a valued educational piece of history in Huntsville.

USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park: At this Battleship Memorial Park, you don’t have to look very far to find heroes. From the Battleship USS ALABAMA to the Submarine USS DRUM and over 25 aircraft, the spirit of military pride is alive and well. Aboard the battleship you will be able to explore 12 decks. Among those, you can climb inside gun turrets, get locked in the Brig, man a 12mm gun and much more. Also at the park, you will be able to go below and explore the oldest Submarine on display, the USS DRUM. In the Medal of Honor Aircraft Pavilion as well as in the park, you will be able to view many rare and historic aircraft. A few in the collection include a A-12 Blackbird Spy Plane, OS2U Kingfisher, F-86L Sabre Jet, and B-52 Bomber, just to name a few. While in the pavilion, don’t forget to take a ride on the Flight Simulator and experience flight without ever leaving the ground. It’s an unforgettable experience for the entire family. All tours are self-guided. Allow approx. 2.5 hours to really see what it was like to be on this battleship when on active duty in Mobile.

United States Army Aviation Museum: The U.S. Army Aviation Museum maintains a collection of over 160 military aircraft, including one of the largest collections of military helicopters in the world. Approximately 50 beautifully restored, historic, and one-of-a-kind aircraft are proudly displayed both inside the Museum exhibit space and outside on the grounds. The collection includes many significant examples of early research efforts and developments in rotary wing technology and the evolution of the helicopter. Represented is the Army’s involvement in military aviation from the Wright brothers, the early combat aircraft of WW I, and today’s technological machines such as the AH-64 Apache and the UH-60 Blackhawk. You’ll find this in Ft Rucker.

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center (USSRC): This is a Smithsonian Affiliate and the Official Visitor Center for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. On Display, they have one of the largest collections of rockets and space memorabilia anywhere in the world. Guests journey through America’s Space Race and NASA’s plan to put man on the moon. Witness the development of the space shuttle program and the International Space Station, get a glimpse of the future in commercial space ventures, and the latest technological innovations. The Rocket Center regularly features traveling exhibits from around the world. Also, enjoy daily films on the 67-foot screen in Huntsville’s only full-dome IMAX® Theater or in the 52-foot, high-definition screen in the National Geographic Theater. Finally, plan a ride on the motorcoach tour of Redstone Arsenal, headquarters to the Army Material Command and home of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Travel to Huntsville to enjoy.

Crooked Creek Civil War Museum: This is a must see if you are a Civil War buff. It’s small but it makes this time in our history come alive in Vinemont.

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New York Gardens

New York Gardens -New York is in the northeastern U.S., known for New York City and towering Niagara Falls. NYC’s island of Manhattan is home to the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Central Park. The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan with the borough of Brooklyn. The iconic Statue of Liberty stands in New York Harbor. To the east, Long Island has beaches, the Montauk Lighthouse, the ritzy Hamptons, and Fire Island.

New York Botanical Garden: Located just 20 minutes from Midtown Manhattan via Metro North Railroad, the 250-acre New York Botanical Garden is a showplace of nature in every season of the year and a must-see destination for NYC visitors. Discover 50 breathtaking gardens, indoor rain forests and deserts, 50 acres of native forest, a river, waterfalls, and rolling green hills. Major seasonal exhibitions and events complement the existing beauty of the permanent gardens, and highlights include the Holiday Train Show (Nov. – Jan.) and The Orchid Show (Mar. – Apr.). NYBG is the perfect excursion for visitors looking to experience the natural beauty of New York City in the Bronx.

Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park: This historic Arboretum originally landscaped by the Olmsted Brothers, the grounds feature 409 acres of greenhouses, rolling lawns, formal gardens, woodland paths, and outstanding plant collections. The original historic estate buildings remain intact including Coe Hall, a 65-room Tudor Revival mansion designed by Walker and Gillette. The interior of the house is a showcase of artistry and craftsmanship and features a distinctly American aesthetic through original ironwork commissions by Samuel Yellin and murals painted by artists Robert Winthrop Chanler and Everett Shinn. Planting Fields is included in the National Register of Historic Places in Oyster Bay.

6BC Botanical Garden: On east 6th street between avenues B and C sits this tranquil community garden where you can go to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, spend some time in the most idyllic natural environment alphabet city has to offer, and you can go upstairs in the garden’s little structure and have a refreshing drink while you gaze over this botanical miracle. There are many other little community gardens in the east village and alphabet city, but this little piece of paradise is considered a favorite in the East Village.

Central Park Pedicab Guided Tours: Most people have heard of Central Park but may have never been through it. The Pedicab may very well be the best and easiest way to get to see most everything and have an experienced guide tell you the story of Central Park. Hop aboard a pedicab—a bicycle-powered cab—for a private ride around New York City’s Central Park. Enjoy the undivided attention of your guide and the chance to customize your itinerary to include four stops of your choosing among more than 20 local attractions. Riding in a pedicab will get you around the 843-acre park much more efficiently than you ever could on foot. This is a typical itinerary for this tour – Stop At: 59th to 110th Street, from Central Park West to 5th Avenue. Leave the noisy, crowded concrete city behind and enter the peaceful, green world of Central Park for an hour-long tour. The very friendly tour guide and pedicab operator will take you to the most famous attractions in the park and tell you everything about each one of them: – Victorian Garden amusement park and ice-skating rink in winter – Chess and checkers house – The oldest carousel in the city – Dairy house from the Great Depression – Central Park Mall with its gorgeous American elm trees – Statue of a very special dog, Balto – Upper East Side’s history and “Gossip Girl” filming locations – Famous Summer Stage from Good Morning America – Remote control boats from the movie “Stuart Little” – Pilgrim Hill – Worldwide famous Bethesda Fountain from dozens of movies including “Home Alone 2” – Turtle Lake and Boathouse with its gondolas – Bow Bridge – Strawberry Fields and the Dakota building – Sheep Meadow – Bridge from the movie “Elf” – The largest playground in the park. The cost is $47. which is worth it. Ride the pedicab in Central Park!

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New York  State Parks:

New York State Parks –Located in the northeastern U.S. and known for New York City and the towering Niagara Falls. The island of Manhattan is home to the Empire State Building, Times Square and Central Park. The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan with the borough of Brooklyn. The iconic Statue of Liberty stands in New York Harbor. To the east, Long Island has beaches, the Montauk Lighthouse, the ritzy Hamptons and Fire Island.  New York boasts of having 89 State Parks, 3 State Forests, a State Wildlife Area, and a State Wildlife Management Area.

Bayswater Point State Park: You will find wetlands and wooded areas with trails at the Far Rockaways tip providing habitat for migrating birds. A great Park right on the water and a great spot for plane spotting. There is no parking lot for the park but there is parking on the street. This is a hidden gem in Far Rockaway, with a nice breeze, a place you can go for a walk, sit in the grass or just relax. If you enjoy watching airplanes you will have a great view of JFK runways; plenty of open area to play and a scenic trail is a nice way to have a relaxing walk. You will find this park in Far Rockaway which is in Queens.

Valley Stream State Park: A Community Park with family & exercise nature trails plus ball fields and spots for horseshoes & bocce ball. A large park, with BBQ racks, kids’ playground, basketball court, soccer court, and exercise equipment, and family friendly trails. Valley Stream goes through the park which is nice! It is also connected to Valley Stream Pond. This Park in in the town of Valley Stream.

Jones Beach State Park: Six miles of ocean beach, with snack bar, pool, locker rooms, picnic areas & a summer concert venue awaits your arrival. The roadways are well maintained and there is a bike path that is wide and well protected from car traffic. Everything is well maintained and not one piece of trash to be found. And if you are up it, a run around the beach is fun as well as beautiful and at times only you are on the sand for miles. You will see abundant wildlife, including some endangered species. Cute bar outside, food is reasonably priced for a touristic place. This Park is great for family fun and found in Wantagh.

 Rockland Lake State Park: This Park has a massive swimming pool plus tennis courts, golf courses, trails, lake for fishing and more. This Park is so beautiful. A walk around the lake takes an hour at a moderate to fast pace which makes it about 3 miles. It is fun because as you walk around you pass by areas that have their own characteristics. There is the turtle area, the boat area, the bridge area, the desert area, the windy area, the woodsy area and then you will have finished the circle. You do have to pay a fee, from spring to fall, upon entering the parking lots or you can buy an annual pass which saves if you come here frequently. There is a large pool and is popular in summer. Overall great for everyone. You will find this park in the eastern part of the town of Clarkstown.

Hempstead Lake State Park: This Park has playgrounds, equestrian, biking and hiking trails and an old-school wooden carousel. Great place to have a BBQ party with family or friends. There are three parking lots. They have 2-3 children’s playground. The lake water is clean. You can also go for hiking or bicycling. Overall, it was nice place to walk around or play basketball. If you cross the main road, you can access the actual lake. Right by the lake is a beachfront area where you can walk along the shore. On a warm day it’s a good place to bring a couple of beach chairs or a blanket and have a picnic. Good for family outings or a walk-in solitude. Found in West Hempstead.

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New York Museums:

New York Museums – One of the original Thirteen Colonies, New York has an amazing number of museums. Mostly located in the hub of New York City, your vacation will be jammed packed with options.

Ground Zero Museum Workshop: This is an emotional trip back in recent time…when visiting the 9/11 Recovery, in the Meatpacking District near Chelsea Market. It is a 5-Star Rated Tour. Want to feel what it was like to be with FDNY Firefighters on the front lines after the 9/11 attacks? Want to educate your kids about this tough subject in a gentle and non-threatening way? Experience the stunning images of Official Ground Zero Photographer, Gary Marlon Suson. “Rare Photos” are displayed, some in lifelike 3D installations, as well as artifacts & rare video. Praised by parents as being a “safe” introduction to 9/11 for their young kids. Guests are allowed to pick up rare World Trade Center artifacts. Known worldwide as the “Biggest LITTLE Museum in New York.” This is the “first stop” before heading to visit Ground Zero. On display are “The Frozen Clock” – “The Bible Page” – and other artifacts such as the largest piece of window glass in existence. A small gift area sells books and posters. This award-winning tour is a wonderful prequel to your visit to the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Found at 420 W 14th St., Floor 2 in New York City.

The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum: Through commemoration, exhibitions and educational programs, this Memorial & Museum, remembers and honors the 2,983 people killed in the horrific attacks of 1993 and 2001, as well as those who risked their lives to save others. When you visit the sight you will see many heroes and the tragic loss of life. This is a very humbling experience and should be viewed as such. There are many personal items on display and in one section, you are asked not to film or photograph. Be respectful at all times because you do not know who is visiting the memorial and they could be grieving the loss of a loved one. After visiting the memorial never forget what you have seen and do not take your daily life for granted. Located at 180 Greenwich St., World Trade Center, New York City.

KGB Espionage Museum: This Museum presents the biggest in the whole world and a never-before-seen collection of items covering the activities of KGB agents and revealing the methods that underlay many of history’s top-secret espionage operations. This is considered one of the best historical museums you will experience. Almost every item is authentic and creates even more “wow’ factor to seeing and learning about the history of this famous organization and the people affected by it.  The experience is enhanced by the knowledge and charisma of the tour guide. See this at 245 W 14th St. in New York City.

Museum of Ice Cream: Here you are to enter a realm where Anything Is Possible. From unicorns, to cookie carousels, to a swimming pool filled with rainbow sprinkles, you can expect to be inspired to play, imagine and connect with those around you. Come join the rotating experiences, explore the whimsical shop, and get a taste of the cafe at the Museum of Ice Cream New York. It is beautiful and bright and has incredible ice cream – it ranks a 10 for families with kids! Maybe not worth the money for adults unless you like ice cream. All around – a super fun experience found at 558 Broadway in New York City.

Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site: The boyhood home, in the mid-1800’s, of the only US President born in Manhattan. It is a national historic site managed by the National Park Service. The site includes galleries and 1865 period rooms with original objects that relate the story of young Theodore

Roosevelt, his ranch days, presidency and exploration period. Whether you enjoy Victorian furnishings or American history, this entertaining and free museum offers both! You get to see Teddy Roosevelt’s early life with a tour of several rooms, as well as artifacts from his entire life, including the folded speech and glasses case that saved his life from an assassin’s bullet. They even have the bullet! See all this at 28 E 20th St between Broadway and Park Ave. S. in New York City.

Fort Ticonderoga – – European armies fought for control of the Americas during the 18th century at this frontier post which lies strategically between Canada and the Hudson River Valley. Constructed between 1755 and 1757 during the French and Indian War, this striking star-shaped fort built by the French played a significant role in shaping the nations of the North American continent. It is open seasonally (May-October), so take advantage of the museum’s summer events. Resting on 2,000 acres of landscape on Lake Champlain, the historic site will host its “Guns by Night” series every Thursday night (from July 9 – August 20), demonstrating 18th century firepower. Participants learn how guns impacted and shaped the importance of this former citadel and witness a dramatic reenactment at the end of each tour.  On Tuesday evenings, visitors can explore different areas of the fort that are not open to the general public. A curator describes strengths and weaknesses of the fort and how military personnel prepared to combat the British. Visit this fort in Ticonderoga, New York

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New York Festival:

New York Festivals are very popular in the Adirondacks, but there are festivals to enjoy all over the state at any given time, especially in the spring and fall (with all the colors!)

Bill Johnston’s Pirate Days (Thousand Islands-Seaway):  Ahoy, mateys! Alexandria Bay comes alive with pirate action for 10 days in August at this annual festival named for a real-life pirate who hid from Canadian and US authorities in the Thousand Islands following the Patriot War. Among the many highlights of the Pirate Days: adventure cruises courtesy of Uncle Sam Boat Tours, several concerts, a children’s parade, old-timey weapons demonstrations, and so much more. Throughout the fest, keep watch for the Tales from Remikreh performance troupe, who will be making merry throughout the village.  Alexandria Bay; Aug. 9–18.

The Great New York State Fair: There’s never a dull moment at this State Fair, with the midway packed with amazing rides, the fabulous nightly concerts.  As an example, the 2019 highlights include Grand Funk Railroad, 38 Special, and The Roots, along with the adorable animal shows and displays, and so much to eat and drink. Sample delights like delectable meats from Dinosaur BBQ, and, of course, deep-fried everything. New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse; August 21–September 2.

Lake George Music Festival: The stunning Lake George serves as picturesque backdrop for this 12-day festival of orchestral and chamber music. Professionals and current students from world-class philharmonic orchestras such as the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra perform in various locations, including an amphitheater, a historic church, and even aboard the famous Minnie-Ha-Ha boat! Attend the open rehearsals, public receptions, and informational talks. For a unique twist, take in the “Sounds of Our Time” event where the festival’s symphony orchestra gets paired with other musicians. Instill an appreciation for classical music in your little ones by bringing them to the special concert just for children. The show weaves in a story about a conductor finding a magic spell book that controls the orchestra, explaining the role of each instrument.  August 11–23; Lake George; Ticket prices vary – call us..

Bethel Woods Anniversary Week: Visit the site of the original Woodstock music festival during its 50th anniversary week. Bethel Woods Center for the Arts will feature major headliners in its picturesque outdoor pavilion in mid-August, including Ringo Starr and His All-Star Band, Santana with the Doobie Brothers, and John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival fame. Ticket holders for these individual concerts will also have access to daytime events beginning at 3 pm each day with live music, food trucks, craft vendors, and more. August 15–18; Bethel in the Catskills.

34th Annual SummerStage: The festival unveils an expanded, upgraded venue at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park (some events take place at other locations around the city), and spans four months of performances of all types of music, plus dance, theater, and more. Best of all, most of the shows are free while many of the paid events, featuring headliners such as the B-52s and Tycho, are benefit concerts that help SummerStage continue its ambitious programming. Through September 26; New York City.

Jam at the Ridge: Catch Bishop Gunn and Black Stone Cherry performing at Rockin’ Blues BBQ Weekend from August 910. The series ends with the August 2324 Classic Country Weekend with such headliners as Thompson Square and Sara Evans. The Ridge itself is not only a concert venue but also a well-known campground, so pick your weekend and bring your tent for this perfect combo of music and outdoors. Don’t forget to bring your own chair if you buy a lawn ticket, and that a VIP or VIP-X ticket guarantees a seat in the VIP section. Aug 10 –Aug 24; Le Roy In the Greater Niagara area.

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The Finger Lakes Area

The Finger Lakes is named for its series of long, thin lakes, and known for its vineyards. On Cayuga Lake, the city of Ithaca is home to Cornell University and its Johnson Museum of Art, showing ancient and modern art in an I.M. Pei–designed building. The surrounding area is marked by high gorges, many with dramatic waterfalls, including Taughannock Falls and Buttermilk Falls.  Borrowing from Native American legend, the 11 lakes that cross central New York became known as the Finger Lakes. It was believed by the early residents that the Great Spirit blessed this 9,000-square-mile land with his hands. Today, there is much to see and do in the 14-county region. From virtually every outdoor activity imaginable to festivals to museums, it’s easy to fill a Finger Lakes itinerary.

Watkins Glen State Park: There are multiple parks with little canyons and waterfalls in this area, but Watkins Glen is the most attractive. It is not spectacular, but rather quietly beautiful, with so many places where you should stop to enjoy the view. You can tell that there was a lot of skills, effort and loving care invested in the stonework which looks almost natural.

Fall is a great time to visit the park. The main trail up the gorge is very doable, but you might want to take it slow if you are an inexperienced hiker. As you climb Jacob’s Ladder you realize how out of breath you can get but it is worth the climb. The higher trail is very steady and not difficult. It is a must that you climb to the suspension bridge and get an aerial view of the gorge. Breathtaking! Make sure to wear good hiking shoes as it is wet in several places. Take your time and enjoy the views!  And NASCAR has a race in the area, too…

The Corning Museum of Glass: You need to spend at least a half a day here. During the day they have demonstrations relating to glass blowing etc. The museum has so much information it takes a long time to get through the information which is extremely interesting. This is an amazing art museum—featuring works of glass from a wide array of cultures and eras. The complex also offers shows and demonstrations of the making and the complexity of glass as well as a chance to make one’s own glass. Unbelievable gift shop to find some unique glass treasures too.

The Strong Museum: Discover exhibitions devoted to play, fun and kid-focused education with tickets to The Strong Museum in Rochester. Explore the cultural history of play in a series of creative, entertaining and colorful exhibits that range from comic books to arcades and a giant kaleidoscope. See modern and old-fashioned favorites in the National Toy Hall of Fame and World Video Game Hall of Fame and take in the world’s largest collection of toys, games and dolls. Follow the story of play in American history through interactive exhibits, or head straight to your own favorites: find comic book heroes and villains, enter the life-sized world of the Bernstein Bears then design your own racetrack and skyscrapers.

George Eastman Museum: Enter the world of photography and film! George Eastman Museum is one of the world’s foremost collections of photography and cinema and the historic estate of George Eastman, the pioneer of popular photography and motion picture film. The museum’s robust exhibition schedule features contemporary and historic photography as well as moving image art. The National Historic Landmark mansion and gardens tell the story of how this visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist lived. Located in Rochester, New York, on the estate of George Eastman, who was the pioneer of popular photography and motion picture film. Founded in 1947 as an independent nonprofit institution, it is the world’s oldest photography museum and one of the oldest film archives. The museum holds unparalleled collections in the fields of photography, cinema, and photographic and cinematographic technology, and photographically illustrated books.

Genesee Country Village and Museum: This museum features costumed interpreters in restored historic buildings, breathing life into an authentic 19th-Century Country Village. Watch the village craftsmen, smell the aroma of freshly baked 19th-century foods and stroll the beautiful gardens. With daily trade, craft, cooking and agricultural demonstrations occurring every day, you won’t want to leave!

Rochester Puzzling Adventure: Choose your own start time and embark on your adventure. With your smartphone as your guide, go on a brain-teasing and educational walking tour of your chosen neighborhood. Visit a series of locations and answer the questions or solve puzzles to receive your next instruction. There is no need to race as quickly as possible from start to finish. Part of the fun is enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of the tour. Before heading to your next location, you’ll have time to eat, drink, enjoy the sights. You’re only timed on your travel and puzzles. At the end of your adventure, see your rank based on a combination of your answers to the questions and game clock time. This is a unique way to have fun and see new places.

Silver Springs Winery:  Excellent doesn’t cover it. Silver Springs goes above and beyond. The staff are friendly, and the wines are works of art. They have a huge tasting room, including a pizza oven. There are peace signs everywhere as well as Bob Marley icons that make you feel like every little thing is going to be alright. Go for the wines (Peach Paradise will knock your socks off) and stay for everything that makes this place so wonderful. If you are into wines, this is the place to go.

Finger Lakes Wine Trails:  More than 50 wineries, hundreds of accommodations and even more restaurants welcome visitors to this popular New York vacation region – In the largest wine-producing region in the United States east of California, it’s only logical to begin exploring the Finger Lakes on one of its four wine trails. On every trail, you’ll find great wine, great restaurants and accommodations, shopping and plenty to do. The fabulous scenery around the lakes is a bonus. Let’s begin with the wineries, remembering that not everyone in the group drinks wine. No worry since some choices on the trail offer craft beer or cider.

Canandaigua Wine Trail

In Naples, Arbor Hill Grapery was the first to produce a spicy but semi-sweet white known as Traminette. You may get lost in its large gift shop. Also in Naples is boutique winery Inspire Moore Winery. Small lot production of aromatic varietal whites and vintage-driven varietal reds provides only 1,000 cases annually. Rounding out the Naples-area wineries is Hazlitt’s Red Cat Cellars. Along with its signature Red Cat, there are award-winning dry wines and Cider Tree, a sparkling hard cider. Hazlitt’s is one of the oldest wineries in the region.

In Canandaigua there are two wineries to visit. Heron Hill Tasting Room on Canandaigua Lake is the winery’s third tasting room in the Finger Lakes region. In the 46th year since planting its first viniferous vines overlooking the lake, Heron Hill is recognized as a leader in the area’s Riesling production. New York Kitchen celebrates all New York state wines, craft beers and ciders. There are the Tasting Room and The Pantry, but plan to enjoy lunch or dinner in the restaurant.

In Fairport, just south of Rochester, you’ll discover Casa Larga Vineyards & Winery, a major player in the Finger Lakes wine region for almost 40 years. Quality, award-winning wines are a tradition at Casa Larga. Another boutique winery along the trail is Raymor Estate Cellars, which perfected its wines for 20 years before selling them in 2011.

Groups of 10 or more should make reservations well in advance of arrival. Begin planning your visit with TravelKatz help.  352-277-7300

Cayuga Lake Wine Trail

Founded in 1983 to promote the wineries in the area, the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail with just four wineries became America’s first wine trail. Today, the trail has grown to include 14 wineries. Interlaken is home to American Vineyards, where you cannot go wrong with the award-winning wines and homemade fudge. Also in Interlaken, Lucas Winery, the first on Cayuga Lake, is celebrating 38 years of making outstanding wines.

Button Grove Winery in Romulus is winner of the 2017 Governor’s Cup and features some of the best lake views from a multi-level deck. Also in Romulus, Goose Watch Winery has been producing wines from historic local varietals and was honored as “Winemakers of the Year” at the 2017 San Francisco Wine Competition. Nearby Knapp Winery for 35 years has been producing viniferous wines for enjoying in its Vineyard Restaurant. Swedish Hill Winery has numerous 90-point-rated and gold medal wines and is a three-time Governor’s Cup winner. Varick Winery & Vineyard is the fifth but certainly not last of the Romulus sites with its relaxed atmosphere, wines and complimentary jellies, mustards, herb dips and other condiments.

Cayuga Ridge Estate in Ovid is a relaxing tasting setting and offers savory wood- fired pizzas. Hosmer Winery, not far away, has been growing grapes and making wine in the European tradition since 1985, garnering them numerous international awards. With 150 acres of lake frontage, Thirsty Owl Wine Company provides a beautiful setting for tastings and lunch at Bistro. Toro Run Winery boasts the “Best View” in the Finger Lakes along with world-class wines.

On the east side of Lake Cayuga near Aurora and with spectacular views of the lake sits Long Point Winery, specialists in both red and white dry wines. Seneca Falls is where you’ll discover Montezuma Winery Hidden Marsh Distillery, the latter “Winner of the NYS Best Distilled Spirit 2011-2013,” while the former offers a taste for every palate. Just a few miles from downtown Ithaca, SixMileCreek Vineyard offers memorable wines and distilled spirits with panoramic views.

Groups of 10+ should make reservations in advance. The fall months are particularly busy. Get started planning with TravelKatz – 352-277-7300.

Seneca Lake Wine Trail

With 34 wineries on both sides of Lake Geneva, this trail offers the most options. Ravines Wine Cellars in Geneva features a beautiful tasting room and The Ravinous Kitchen, a seasonal restaurant. Belhurst Estate Winery award-winning wines are as unique as Belhurst Castle. Zugibe Vineyards welcomes groups to its tasting room with estate viniferous wines in both dry and semi-dry styles. Three Brothers Wineries & Estates is unique in having three wineries and a microbrewery on site, featuring handcrafted wines, microbrews and hard cider. With dry, Old World-style wines, Ventosa Vineyards is a bit of Tuscany in the Finger Lakes. Fifteen premium wines, live music on Friday and Saturdays, handcrafted beers and hard cider, and lake views welcome you to

Fox Run Vineyards in Penn Yan offers estate-grown, award-winning wines, and a food and wine tour experience. Serenity Vineyards estate-grown reds and a new semi-sweet line are enjoyed in the rustic tasting room. A medieval theme and gold medal wines define Seneca Shore Wine Cellars. A uniquely designed tasting room, distinct award-winning wines and a new art gallery await visitors at Anthony Road Wine Company. Premium estate-grown wines are enjoyed at Prejean Winery, established in 1986.

Also in Penn Yan, Torrey Ridge Winery promises “a good wine is a wine you like” among its dry and sweeter offerings. Earle Estates Meadery provides a wide selection of meads, fruit wines and hard cider.  With almost an antebellum look, Miles Wine Cellars welcomes visitors to its 200-year home in Hamrod to enjoy estate wines.

A newly remodeled tasting room featuring the Riesling experience is waiting at Villa Bellangelo in Dundee. Fruit wines from Blueberry to Exotic Chocolate Razzberry and a variety of grape wines are at the Fruit Yard Winery. Hickory Hollow Wine Cellars features viniferous red and white wines and the famous Liquid Explosion. Seneca Lake’s oldest winery Glenora Wine Cellars presents award-winning wines and Veraisons Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A large tasting room resembling an old barn and wines drawn from both native and hybrid wines are awaiting groups at Fulkerson Winery.

In Rock Stream, its namesake Rock Stream Vineyards is Seneca Lake’s only grappa and grape brandy producer, and makes other unique wines.  For 30 years Watkins Glen’s Lakewood Vineyards has been sharing their passion for Finger Lakes wine with visitors. Just a few miles from the center of Watkins, Glen Castel Grisch Winery is serving everything from dry reds to ice-style wines.

Lost Irishman, Sweet Revenge and a hard apple cider are specialties of boutique winery Catharine Valley Winery in Burdett. Nearby J.R. Dill Winery offers a wide selection of wines along with historic photos of their southeastern end of Lake Seneca location. Atwater Estate Vineyards uses estate-grown fruit to produce dynamic varietals.

In Hector you’ll travel down a sloping driveway with Lake Seneca as a backdrop to taste winners of Governor’s Cups, Jefferson Cups and Gold from Riesling du Monde at Chateau LaFayette Reneau. Small-batch, handcrafted wines are made from estate- grown premium grapes from the family-owned Leidenfrost Vineyards. Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards, established in 1985, is known for its award-winning Sauvignon blanc, Riesling and Cabernet Franc. A spacious tasting room welcomes guests to Penguin Bay Winery for Pinot grigio, Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Moscato and more. Sweet, semi-dry and dry wines in a fun, friendly atmosphere are the calling card for Bagley’s Poplar Ridge Vineyards.

Caywood Vineyards in Lodi invites visitors to a tasting in the 1800s restored barn and grape packing house set among one of the East’s largest vineyards. Close-by Wagner Vineyards offers more than 35 styles of wine with a friendly staff to help you find your favorite. Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars has built its craft on passion and commitment and an understanding that great wines are a natural expression of where they’re grown. Boundary Breaks Vineyard is just north of Lodi Point State Park and focuses on making wines that score 90 points or more.

All sites require reservations for groups of 10 or more. For additional information, including more about Seneca Lake. For help planning, contact TravelKatz at 352-277-7300

 Keuka Lake Wine Trail

With five wineries, Keuka Lake is the smallest of the Finger Lakes wine trails. However, like diamonds, good things do come in small packages. Since 1977 Heron Hill Winery has been one of the leaders in identifying Riesling as the region’s featured varietal. Travel & Leisure chose the Hammondsport tasting room as “one of the 10 most spectacular.”

The family-owned Hunt County Vineyards in Brockport provides winery tours and a range of distinct wines, including ice wine. Seasonal items are served in The Cafe. Just up the road in Keuka Park you’ll find Vineyard View Winery, a fifth- generation grape farm with a tradition of producing quality wine from deep-rooted vineyards. Wines from dry to sweet are served in a tasting room with a dramatic view of Lake Keuka.

Since 1985 Keuka Spring Vineyards has been producing a variety of world-class reds and whites from its Penn Yan vineyard. Among accolades received are a two-time winner of the Governor’s Cup and Best White Wine in America. On the east side of the lake in Dundee, McGregor Vineyard has been the pioneer in producing dry red and white wines from its European wine grapes. Local food samples often accompany relaxed tastings.

For groups of 10 or more, begin with TravelKatz, – 352-277-7300

Discover more about the region of the Finger Lakes.  For your Finger Lakes area vacation, you will want to fly into one of the New York area airports and pick up a car and drive to this area.  there is plenty to see so give Travelkatz a call at 352-277-7300 and we will see to it that you have a great vacation.

New York State Capital: Albany

Originally ruled by the Dutch and called Beverwyck, Albany was taken over by the British in 1664, along with other Dutch lands in North America. King Charles II gifted a broad swath of territory to his brother James, the Duke of York and Albany. Once under British control, Beverwyck was renamed Albany in James’ honor. Before either the Dutch or British took over the region, the area was called Pempotowwuthut-Muhhcanneuw, meaning “the fireplace of the Mahikan nation,” by the Mohicans.

 Walking Tour of Albany: You can explore the fascinating history and magnificent architecture of Albany by embarking on one of our self-guided walking tours of the city’s historic downtown district.

New York State Capitol: Worth to visit with your children. Does not require a guided visit, the person at the information deck is kind and super welcoming after that enjoy walking the halls and beautiful stairs, do not miss the wonderful collection of Flags, the Governors hall, the war room and the senate. From the stone carvings to ornate painting to halls laden with artwork…the restored and beautifully maintained building is an amazing place to wander around. A guided tour will bring many details to your attention as well as provide some fascinating stories. It’s worth it to just wander and get lost and explore every floor, every staircase, every nook and cranny after. Both houses of the state legislature convene here and visitors can visit those elaborate chambers and the surrounding parlors.  This is a free and not to be missed highlight of Albany.

 New York State Museum: The major reason to go now is the 9/11 exhibit. It gives you an amazing view point on what happened, and the video of Billy Green will make you emotional. It also highlights how incredible people/animals can be when working together. The 9/11 display is great including a fire engine and beams from the twin towers. Save time to visit the gift shop. And stroll through the adjoining Empire State Plaza Concourse, which contains a treasure of abstract modern art, and pick up lunch, too.

USS Slater DE-766: The galley the best as well as the sleeping quarters are interesting to see. Great tour, informative, great photo opportunities on a historical ship. USS Slater is a Cannon-class destroyer escort that served in the United States Navy. Arrived in Albany, NY on August 27, 1993 presently preserved as a memorial. The supporters of the USS Slater Destroyer Escort are enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides, able to share every feature of this WWII ship (the last floating one of its kind) with families and groups.

The Egg: What a great place for a concert. Not a bad seat on the house. Very personable vibe with the comforts of being indoors. The Egg is the catchiest element of Governor Rockefeller’s bureaucratic Stonehenge of a Mall. Great concert venue with superb acoustics. There is a great variety of concerts to choose from.

Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza: It adjacent to the capital as well as the NYS museum. There are several modern art pieces that are wonderful and the foreign war memorials should not be missed. There are food vendors and live music during the summer. You won’t be disappointed. It’s adjacent to the capital as well as the history museum. The view from the top of the Corning Tower is spectacular. The state library and museum are excellent, and there is even ice skating in the winter. But the two best things about the Empire State Plaza are the art collection and the Egg.  The art collection has some truly world class pieces that reflect Nelson Rockefeller’s tastes in art. A Kline and an Oldenberg are favorites, but there are many other worthy pieces by some well known and unknown mid-20th century artists.

Dutch Apple Cruises: This is a 90 minute Hudson River cruise. It is great! You can really enjoy being out on the water. The narrator does a great job, as do the rest of the crew. Plenty of refreshments available–cider, donuts, hot dogs, soda, and a full bar, which was a nice surprise. Great scenery. If it gets too chilly or hot outside, there are plenty of places to sit inside on the second and third decks. Highly recommended.

New York State Executive Mansion:  Mansion built in 1856, bought by Governor Samuel TIlden in 1875 and the official governor’s residence ever since. Beautiful Renaissance revival furniture & the artifacts of over 30 governors, several presidents. Enjoyed seeing FDR’s lap pool. You can understand why the governors chose not to live here, it’s a bit isolated. You do need to sign up ahead of time, one to two weeks in advance. Worth the tour.

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