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Travelkatz will put together an Oregon Vacation Package custom tailored just for you. We handle all aspects of your trip so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. We provide three options for every state in the USA. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate in contacting us.


Alabama Military: Alabama is a southeastern U.S. state that’s home to significant military landmarks and events from the Civil War, World War I and World War II, all the way through history to space travel.

U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum: This Museum is operated by the Alabama Center of Military History and is dedicated to promoting and disseminating the accomplishments of American military men and women. The emphasis is on participants of World War I and subsequent conflicts. The survivors and families can use the Museum facilities to reminisce on their own experiences and those of parents, grandparents, and other close relatives. There are displays – more than 30 historical military vehicles from World War I to the present, as well as tableaus, artifacts, and other memorabilia dating back to the Revolutionary War. Supporting organizations include the 19th Alabama Infantry which sponsors exhibits from 18th and 19th Century conflicts, and the 8th Air Force Historical Society, which sponsors a Bomb Group briefing room. Both organizations support ‘living history’ presentations on many Saturdays. At the Museum is a reference library, in addition to published material such as the Seventh Army After Action Report from World War II. The library offers written and oral reminiscences of Alabama veterans. In this vein, veterans and their families are invited to send written material or audio cassette tapes to the Museum for inclusion in the library. A narrative by the veteran, or an interview by a relative, will provide a legacy of the contribution. The Museum welcomes the participation of military and veterans’ groups and individuals in making this a valued educational piece of history in Huntsville.

USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park: At this Battleship Memorial Park, you don’t have to look very far to find heroes. From the Battleship USS ALABAMA to the Submarine USS DRUM and over 25 aircraft, the spirit of military pride is alive and well. Aboard the battleship you will be able to explore 12 decks. Among those, you can climb inside gun turrets, get locked in the Brig, man a 12mm gun and much more. Also at the park, you will be able to go below and explore the oldest Submarine on display, the USS DRUM. In the Medal of Honor Aircraft Pavilion as well as in the park, you will be able to view many rare and historic aircraft. A few in the collection include a A-12 Blackbird Spy Plane, OS2U Kingfisher, F-86L Sabre Jet, and B-52 Bomber, just to name a few. While in the pavilion, don’t forget to take a ride on the Flight Simulator and experience flight without ever leaving the ground. It’s an unforgettable experience for the entire family. All tours are self-guided. Allow approx. 2.5 hours to really see what it was like to be on this battleship when on active duty in Mobile.

United States Army Aviation Museum: The U.S. Army Aviation Museum maintains a collection of over 160 military aircraft, including one of the largest collections of military helicopters in the world. Approximately 50 beautifully restored, historic, and one-of-a-kind aircraft are proudly displayed both inside the Museum exhibit space and outside on the grounds. The collection includes many significant examples of early research efforts and developments in rotary wing technology and the evolution of the helicopter. Represented is the Army’s involvement in military aviation from the Wright brothers, the early combat aircraft of WW I, and today’s technological machines such as the AH-64 Apache and the UH-60 Blackhawk. You’ll find this in Ft Rucker.

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center (USSRC): This is a Smithsonian Affiliate and the Official Visitor Center for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. On Display, they have one of the largest collections of rockets and space memorabilia anywhere in the world. Guests journey through America’s Space Race and NASA’s plan to put man on the moon. Witness the development of the space shuttle program and the International Space Station, get a glimpse of the future in commercial space ventures, and the latest technological innovations. The Rocket Center regularly features traveling exhibits from around the world. Also, enjoy daily films on the 67-foot screen in Huntsville’s only full-dome IMAX® Theater or in the 52-foot, high-definition screen in the National Geographic Theater. Finally, plan a ride on the motorcoach tour of Redstone Arsenal, headquarters to the Army Material Command and home of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Travel to Huntsville to enjoy.

Crooked Creek Civil War Museum: This is a must see if you are a Civil War buff. It’s small but it makes this time in our history come alive in Vinemont.

Travelkatz is waiting to hear from you so we can make the history of our country come alive. Call us at 352-277-7300.


Oregon Gardens 

Oregon Gardens –   Oregon is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the Western United States. The Columbia River delineates much of Oregon’s northern boundary with Washington, while the Snake River delineates much of its eastern boundary with Idaho. To the south is California and Nevada.

The Oregon Garden:  The Oregon Garden is an 80-acre botanical garden and tourist attraction that opened in 1999, it is home to over 20 gardens including the Rose Garden, Children’s Garden and Silverton Market Garden. It is open 365 days a year and hosts both public and private events.  The gardens are beautiful. The restrooms are clean and stocked. The well-maintained paths made it easy to enjoy each garden. There is even a tram that is available during the busy season.  Tram drive guides you through the gardens and narrates some of the history and unique features of the gardens you might miss otherwise.  The children will enjoy the kid’s garden. It has a nice garden specifically designed for dogs. They even have nice lodging there to complete your time. You will find this beautiful garden in Silverton.

Leach Botanical Garden: This unique Garden is a 16-acre botanical garden. It was acquired by the Portland Parks Bureau in 1972, that offers more than just a simple place to wander – they host a few different scavenger hunts, let you borrow bubble wands, and if you’re! Great place to chill and meander with interesting plants and flowers, and benches that double as sculptures. Beautiful venue for special events, too. Originally the home of two famous Oregon botanists. Their small stone house is now the gift store, but it’s clear they spent all their free time outdoors. The seven acres were deeded to Portland parks and recreation in 1984, but recent improvements, including the new sky bridge through the trees, if you are lucky, you might find a musician in the trees. This Garden is must-see in Portland.

Owen Rose Garden: One of the best rose gardens you’ll ever go to. The roses are fragrant and beautiful, and the layout is awesome. Nice casual walk through the gardens without a lot of people…great for pictures. And to top it off it’s free! If you’re looking for a place to go and love roses, this garden in Eugene should be put on your list.

Portland Japanese Garden:  This is a great place to visit in late June. And what a stunning place it is!  If you value beauty in the floral/green environment, you can’t beat this garden. Everywhere you look is a beautifully sculpted tree, shrub, banzai or pathway. Sounds of brooks and water passages, places to sit and just absorb your surroundings are everywhere. There is a fabulous gift shop. Don’t miss this place! You will find this garden in Washington Park located in Portland.

Schreiner’s Iris Gardens:  Shreiner’s is a very large iris farm, hundreds of acres. They plant in rows of color so when the irises are in bloom, it looks like miles of colored stripes. There is a small shop attached where you can order irises year-round. You can walk among the irises during the blooming season in May. If you walk onto the Quinaby Rd bridge over Interstate 5 you can see it from above, which is a great way to look at it (if a bit noisy). The flowers are beautiful (in season) and there is a small area for picnics. The number of varieties is amazing. Come in the mouth of May to Salem.

Hoyt Arboretum:  Meander along paths through groves of different species atop a hill overlooking downtown, distant mountains, and connecting some of Portland’s best destinations in Washington Park. This oasis of calm and green serves visitors and residents as the most accessible curated “woods” on Portland’s west side and connects seamlessly with the apparently unlimited miles of trails in Forest Park. You can hike the gently hill trails of Tualatin Mountain for over 30 miles or visit for an hour and enjoy a brief leg-stretcher. The options are almost unlimited at this beautiful Arboretum in Portland.

TravelKatz is looking forward to helping you and your travel companions. Just give us a call at 352-277-7300 or visit online at www.travelkatz.com.


Oregon State Parks:

Oregon State Parks – Located in the Pacific Northwest region of the Western United States, the Columbia River delineates much of Oregon’s northern boundary with Washington, while the Snake River is its eastern boundary with Idaho. It also borders California and Nevada.  Oregon has 111 State Parks, 3 State Forests, 6 State Fish Hatcherys, a State Natural Area, and a State Nursery.

Ecola State Park:  This Park is beautiful and easily accessible. The 2.5 catslop loop is gorgeous.  The best route is going counterclockwise so that your hike up is on the more well-groomed wide service road, while the way down is on the less sure-footed narrow trail. Great tidepools at low tide on south end of Indian beach with many sea-stars, crabs, etc. The elevated views from the park are about as good as it gets. Make sure you make the drive to the Indian Beach Area as well. Found in Cannon Beach.

Fort Stevens State Park:  This has a huge well-maintained campground with well over 500 (largest in the country?) sites. The level asphalt pads are off an asphalt access road with convenient modern RV hookups that function properly. Ft. Stevens has many camping sites, but reserve months in advance since it is very popular. You are walking/biking distance from Battery Russell, the wreck of the Peter Iredale, Coffenbury Lake, and other fun sites. Ft. Stevens, the forestry workers, and all the volunteers are second to none! Make sure to camp on Labor Day weekend because there are Civil War re-enactments and a parade through the campsites. This Park is in Astoria.

Shore Acres State Park: Once the grand estate of pioneer timber baron Louis Simpson, Shore Acres features lushly planted gardens with plants and flowers from all over the world. Something is in bloom almost every day of the year. Simpson, the founder of this beautiful park, picked an incredible peninsula because he loved gardens and the shore. Thank the lord his legacy remains. Stop here for a few bucks and discover his wild shoreline with sea lion islands and an incredible botanical garden that revels America’s best formal green settings. What a great experience, there are three parks that connect, and you can hike along the rim to each one. The first one has a campground and the middle one a botanical garden. Do not miss this area, you’ll be so happy to find it, some good low tide pool walking spots as well. You will find this park system in Coos Bay.

Smith Rock State Park: This little park is almost too good to be true. It’s a river with green foliage on the banks within a rock landscape that is astounding. All of it easily accessible. One could even just drive up and look over the edge of the valley to be satisfied. Wonderful. Due to the uniqueness and fragile aspect of the park, park rangers enforce the animal leash law.  Please note – Smith Rock has a sheltered camp area that is unique. This is a walk-in tenting area, no RV’s or trailers. Tons of rock climbers come here, and this tenting spot gives them a chance to stay right in the midst. Tents are pitched out about 30 to 50 yards away from a central area. You find your spot and pitch your tent. Everything else is done in a more central area. About 25 tables are staged for eating and cooking in a central area.  Open fires are prohibited. There is a designated place for cooking with propane and white gas stoves. No cooking is allowed anywhere else in the park. Gas lanterns are also prohibited.  This central area allows people to mingle and socialize. You’ll have your own chairs to sit, eat and chat with amazing people. The best bathrooms are clean and well maintained. The showers are free. Big double sinks outside for washing dishes and things. Long electrical plugins for charging up devices. Trails lead directly to the walk down area and you are encouraged to stay on those trails. The camping experience is great. You will find this park in Redmond.

Harris Beach State Park: This is a great beach for families. It’s sheltered by the curve of the coast so it’s not too windy. It’s easily accessible with a ramp. There’s a little creek running through it for kids to play in. It’s small, but Brookings is remote enough that it’s not overly crowded. There is a ramp to get to the sandy beach and a terrace area with seating.  Even if you don’t have kids with you, it is fun to watch the young people play a beach game and the dogs enjoying the beautiful day. This Park is found near Brookings.

TravelKatz is looking forward to helping you discover the great parks in Oregon. give us a call at 352-277-7300 or go online to www.travelkatz.com


Oregon Museums:

Oregon Museums: The Columbia River delineates much of Oregon’s northern boundary with Washington, while the Snake River delineates much of its eastern boundary with Idaho.

Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum: The Air & Auto Museum has one of the largest collections of still-flying antique aeroplanes and still-driving antique automobiles in the country. The items on display at this museum are not only full of history, they are full of LIFE! Enjoy over two acres of indoor exhibit space. The place is amazing, many, many displays of real aircraft, automobiles and equipment from the past. The place is huge and If you have any aircraft interests at all, it is worth a night or two in Hood River to see it.

High Desert Museum: The museum, set on 135 acres of pine forest, has something for everyone. Explore the nature, culture and spirit of the High Desert through fun, interactive, indoor and outdoor exhibits. Encounter live animals, interact with living history characters at the Miller Ranch, visit the 1904 sawmill. See what life was like for pioneers, enjoy Western art and an extensive Native American collection. Special programs and events for all ages. You will find the raptors, otters, snakes, lizards and ground owls fascinating. There is a section on the local Indian tribes, early settlers to the area and an interesting photo gallery. There is a good- sized interior museum and a number of exterior buildings to explore. There is plenty of parking and a nice gift shop. In the town of Bend.

The Historic Carousel and Museum: Founded in 2004, the Historic Carousel and Museum is creating a world class carousel complex draws visitors from around the world and contribute to the economic revitalization of historic downtown Albany. The permanent home is completed. They opened the doors on August 15th, 2017. You can watch the carvers and painters at work and enjoy browsing the gift shop. The facility offers rooms for birthdays and other parties too. It is fully handicap accessible so call Travelkatz to schedule a tour. Carousel rides are $2.00 and the tours and admission is free. Not just a carousel, a small museum, a nice gift shop and an amazing basement workshop where they carve the animals. It’s all done with volunteer help. You can visit the basement for free and talk with the workers there. Visit this special museum in downtown Albany.

The Glass Forge: This is a fully operational glass blowing shop, where you can get up close and even try your hand at blowing molten 2000-degree glass. The artisans are working at producing all kinds of glass art from vases, bowls to paperweights and sculptural pieces. Come browse the gift shop, or just stay and visit. It does get warm so can be particularly nice in the winter! Watching the artisans create various designs from the beginning is something everyone needs to see. You can make your own or help make a piece of glass or have one made to your specifications., very educational. And, they have something for everyone. This is a must stop when you are in Grants Pass.

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center: This Center offers living history demonstrations, exhibits, interpretive programs, multi-media presentations, special events, and more than four miles of interpretive trails. They offer a variety of programs and special exhibits year-round. One mile of well-preserved ruts lie on the Interpretive Center grounds and are accessible by the trails or from a turnout on Highway 86 about a half-mile west of the Center’s entrance. This is an excellent American adventure with something for everyone in the family to enjoy. You can really enjoy the trail around the facility to the viewpoint. You will get a real idea of how travel on the trail was during that era. Handicap accessible also. The rangers can answer all random questions, so you will learn a lot. Visit this center In Baker City.

TravelKatz is looking forward to making a wonderful vacation for you and your family in Oregon. Just call us at 352-277-7300 or chat with us at www.vacationnationradio.com


Oregon Festivals:

Oregon Festivals are only one of the Pacific Northwest states that put on Great Festivals.  You’ll be amazed and the parades, cats, fireworks, music, food, arts and crafts, and children’s activities, etc.  Join us in the celebration by calling TravelKatz to help you plan your next vacation to the spectacular Pacific Northwest!

POP Cats Festival in Portland:  Join “Kitten Lady” for this two-day, fun-packed festival fueled by the spirit of Cats, Pop, and Art! You’ll love the cat playgrounds, artists, music, photo ops, artisans, brands, workshops, influencers, cat adoptions, tattoos, and more! A portion of profits benefits participating cat organizations.  Oregon Convention Center in Portland; Sat – Sun, Sept 28 & 29.

30th Annual Holiday Food & Gift Festival: This Festival returns November 1-3 at the Oregon Convention Center (Hall C) in downtown Portland. It’s one of the largest holiday celebrations in the Pacific Northwest, drawing thousands of attendees who happily complete their holiday shopping early. With hundreds & hundreds of exhibitors the Festival will provide shoppers with one-of-a-kind gift ideas that cannot be found anywhere else. Featuring art, crafts, jewelry, clothing, woodcraft, music, photography, toys, Christmas décor, and much more makes this a gift buyer’s delight! There is a large gourmet food area where you can sample and purchase a wide range of food items including tea, chocolates, pasta, soups, dips, meats, coffee, jams, shortbread, salsas, oils & vinegars, honey, sauces and many more delights! 

Oregon Convention Center, Portland; Fri, Nov 1 – Sun, Nov 3.

Polk County Craft Festival:  This Craft Festival is housed in 2 buildings full of Homemade Crafts from more than 150 Vendors. Food available onsite, Free admission, Free parking.  Polk County Fairgrounds, Rickreall; 

Friday & Saturday, Nov 29-30.

Starlight Parade & Community Tree Lighting:  Enjoy floats decked with lights, Christmas music and holiday cheer in the air. Witness the delight in the children’s eyes as they watch Santa’s sleigh rolling down the streets of The Dalles. The holiday spirit then comes to life at the Annual Tree Lighting Celebration, complete with Santa photos, hot chocolate, cookies and popcorn. The parade begins at 6pm at West Sixth and Webber Streets, then rolls through downtown before ending in front of The Dalles Chamber of Commerce office. The Tree Lighting Celebration will take place following the parade. Join us in The Dalles on Fri, Nov 29, 5 – 9 PM.

Christmas Bazaar:   Browse local crafts and baked goods amongst the exhibits in Sumpter Municipal Museum. While there, ride the historic steam railroad’s Christmas Trains. A special Saturday night train arrives in Sumpter just in time for the 5 pm Christmas Parade. Follow the parade to the community Christmas Tree Lighting. Trains and bazaar continue Sunday. Sumpter Municipal Museum; Sat, Dec 14, 10am – 3pm

15th Annual Oregon Truffle Festival:  This annual Truffle Festival invites truffle lovers from around the world to appreciate, learn about and explore truffles from, in, and around the Willamette Valley. Growing conditions in the valley are perfectly suited to truffles and the word is getting out. Four unique and elegant weekend-long experiences are offered: The Epicurious, The Gourmand, The Truffle Growers All-In Adventure and The Urban Forager. The Joriad North American Truffle Dog Championship also takes place during the festival on Thursday, January 23. Enjoy Sunday’s Fresh Truffle Marketplace. As always, there will be new events and new venues to help celebrate Oregon truffles and regional culinary traditions. In Eugene; Jan 23 – 26.

TravelKatz will be happy to help you travel to Oregon and be part of your festival of choice.  Just give us a call at 352-277-7300. 



Portland, Oregon’s largest city, sits on the Columbia and Willamette rivers, in the shadow of snow-capped Mount Hood. It’s known for its parks, bridges and bicycle paths, as well as for its eco-friendliness and its microbreweries and coffeehouses. Iconic Washington Park encompasses sites from the formal Japanese Garden to Oregon Zoo and its railway. The city hosts thriving art, theater and music scenes.

Portland Children’s Museum: Excellent place for kids to enjoy so many and varied activities! The constantly interactive environment allows children of all ages to be involved while parents, grandparents, etc. relax and enjoy some active involvement or just allow the ever present well trained docents to “guide” the kids into exploring creative and imaginative activities. The museum is very reasonably priced, clean restrooms, good snack and meal selection. You might want to plan on staying for the afternoon as it is worth it.

Mt Hood Day Trip from Portland to Multnomah Falls and Hood River: All-inclusive transportation and an efficient itinerary make it possible to see Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood highlights from Portland in just one day. Avoid the hassle of crowded parking lots and winding roads as you head out to Multnomah Falls, Timberline Lodge, and more, all while learning about the sights from your guide as you go. Plus, hotel pickup makes for a seamless experience. Your tour begins with pickup from your Portland hotel. After collecting the rest of your small-group (maximum of 12), head to Multnomah Falls, a popular Portland-area attraction and one of the tallest waterfalls in the US. Bypass the crowded parking lot and head straight to the short walking trail where you can search for the perfect photo spot. …Continue to the quaint town of Hood River, where you have free time to grab lunch, shop, or visit a wine-tasting room (own expense). Your guide will fill you in on the town’s history and important location at the intersection of the Columbia and Hood Rivers. Then, reconvene with your guide and head to either the Rowena Crest farm stand or Trilium Lake, (depending on the season), followed by an easy drive to the summit of Mt. Hood. Enjoy the fabulous views and mountain scenery before returning to Portland for hotel drop-off.

Afternoon Half-Day Multnomah Falls and Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls Tour from Portland:  If time is a consideration this half day might work better for you. You begin your tour with pickup from your downtown Portland hotel or other pre-arranged central meeting location. Head out along the Historic Columbia River Highway Scenic Byway in a comfortable van, listening to live commentary from your guide along the way. Though stops may vary, possible destinations include the Crown Point Vista House, Latourell Falls, the Bonneville Fish Hatchery, and Multnomah Falls—the most-visited natural attraction in the Pacific Northwest. Every route guarantees picture-worthy views and just enough time to take short hikes to scenic overlooks or admire stunning vistas of Oregon’s lush landscape before heading back to the van. The Tour concludes with drop-off at your Portland hotel or other original departure point.

Washington Park: This popular park offers miles of trails, an extensive rose garden, a large Japanese garden and a zoo. There’s so much going on in this park that you can spend all day. Find what you like and have at it.  Spent time at the Experimental Rose Garden, and the Arboretum. The Redwood area is breathtaking and almost cathedral-like. explored different parts of Washington Park, including the Zoo, the Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden. All were beautiful the Japanese Garden should not be missed! It’s amazing!

Downtown Portland Food Tour: Learn about Portland’s history and culture through its food on this small-group walking tour of downtown. Taste a variety of locally crafted dishes and beverages and scope out restaurants to return to later. The tour is designed to take you off the beaten path and introduce you to a wide variety of dining experiences from hip and humble food carts to high-end dining. Your itinerary varies depending on the day but expect your guide to take you to six locations during the tour. Sample a range of dishes from some of the more upscale, established restaurants and from casual newcomers that make up Portland’s thriving food scene.
You might stop at a downtown food truck, try local craft beer, and sip Oregon wines. On the tour, you also learn some of the city’s geography and history as you stop to check out everything from handmade dumplings to fresh pasta, pork sandwiches and single-origin chocolate.  You will get to taste some of Portland’s best food places including Q’s where we tasted salmon and some of Williamette’s finest Pinot Noir; or the Crowne and enjoy a pizza made with pickles and learned that some of Portland’s finest chefs would get together after closing their restaurants. All in all, it makes for a great time.

From Tampa to Portland is an easy flight.  Give TravelKatz a call at 352-277-7300 and we will see to it that you have a wonderful vacation in PORTLAND.

Oregon State Capital:  Salem

The origins of Salem’s name are the subject of some debate. Some historians believe its name is biblical in origin, borrowing the last five letters from the word Jerusalem, and serving as an Anglicized version of the Hebrew word shalom, meaning “peace.” Others believe it was named by missionary David Leslie, who named the city after his hometown, Salem, Massachusetts. Either way, Salem was officially named in 1850.

Oregon State Capitol: The grounds surrounding the capitol and the University are incredibly beautiful, even during the dormant months of winter. I particularly appreciate the WWII Memorial. Simplistic, but beautiful! On the other hand, the Capitol building’s exterior is far from attractive. Take a guided tour to the top of the Oregon State Capitol in the summer. You get a great view of the Willamette Valley from the observation deck, up close and personal with the Oregon Pioneer and learn a few interesting tidbits from the tour guide. The landscaping is flawless, the walk of flags is phenomenal, the water fountains are great for in summer. However, the murals inside on the stairs leading to the two chambers are amazing work of early 20th century painting. Other interesting paintings on walls are part of a rotating collection.

Enchanted Forest Theme Park: This is a theme park for all ages. It starts with the rabbit hole you go through and ends with a haunted house, a western village. There are exciting rides and a dancing water feature. It really is fun for all ages.

Gilbert House Children’s Museum: This is one of the best, most unique children museums! It is unique in set up, spread across three houses, plus two smaller buildings and a huge outside space. Only the first floors are accessible, so people who physically cannot go upstairs pay half price. Strollers should be parked at entrance, but they allow them on the first floor if a baby is sleeping in it. Exhibits are not huge, but are well thought out. Along with typical exhibits like market, farm, doctor, dress ups, etc. there were some unique ones like a submarine, airplane, and a fort building room. The outside area is huge and amazing. A great big slide, digging area, tons of ramps and things to climb.  Lots of bathrooms, changing tables. It has a great carousel, Amphitheater, walking trails and open spaces for picnics, reunions or just walking your dog. No visit to Salem is complete without hanging out at this park for a day.

Willamette University:  Has the feel of a much older university. Well thought out grid, not like a rabbit’s warren. Parking and tree lined strolls between buildings. Friendly students, workmen and administrators, everyone seems to love it here.  Campus is in the center of the city and a block or two from the capital. Friendly students, workmen and administrators, everyone seems to love it here. Located directly across from the grounds of the Oregon State Capitol, it extends the park-like setting of the Capitol grounds — with beautiful historic buildings, plenty of green space, and a lovely duck-filled creek running right through the heart of the campus. The cafe in the student center offers up very good food. In addition, the campus offers a variety of venues for both university and community based arts events. Willamette offers a plethora of musical opportunities, with recitals, the Oregon Symphony, and the Salem Philharmonic playing on campus. There is an excellent bookstore.

Minto-Brown Island Park: This park has so much to offer. Now that maps are posted, It’s a great place to take your dog, run, hike, or ride your bike. Most of the park is wheel chair accessible.

Riverfront Park: This pedestrian/bicycle bridge connects Minto Brown park to the south with Wallace Marine Park to the north making Riverfront Park the trail hub for the city of Salem. With the Salem Carousel, the amphitheater, water splash pad, the Willamette Queen, the A.G. Gilbert Discovery Village and a covered pavilion, what more could you ask for in a City park. Located along the beautiful Willamette River, the activities available are endless.

To get to Salem, you will fly to Portland and rent a car for your special trip.  Please call TravelKatz at 352-277-7300 so we can help put this trip together for you.


Another option for our Oregon Vacation Package is the Natural Wonder.  See our selection of choice below to see if it fancies your style.  Please don’t hesitate in contacting us with any questions or concerns.

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