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Travelkatz will put together an Rhode Island Vacation Package custom tailored just for you. We handle all aspects of your trip so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. We provide two options for every state in the USA consisting of the state capital and the Natural Wonder. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate in contacting us.


Alabama Military: Alabama is a southeastern U.S. state that’s home to significant military landmarks and events from the Civil War, World War I and World War II, all the way through history to space travel.

U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum: This Museum is operated by the Alabama Center of Military History and is dedicated to promoting and disseminating the accomplishments of American military men and women. The emphasis is on participants of World War I and subsequent conflicts. The survivors and families can use the Museum facilities to reminisce on their own experiences and those of parents, grandparents, and other close relatives. There are displays – more than 30 historical military vehicles from World War I to the present, as well as tableaus, artifacts, and other memorabilia dating back to the Revolutionary War. Supporting organizations include the 19th Alabama Infantry which sponsors exhibits from 18th and 19th Century conflicts, and the 8th Air Force Historical Society, which sponsors a Bomb Group briefing room. Both organizations support ‘living history’ presentations on many Saturdays. At the Museum is a reference library, in addition to published material such as the Seventh Army After Action Report from World War II. The library offers written and oral reminiscences of Alabama veterans. In this vein, veterans and their families are invited to send written material or audio cassette tapes to the Museum for inclusion in the library. A narrative by the veteran, or an interview by a relative, will provide a legacy of the contribution. The Museum welcomes the participation of military and veterans’ groups and individuals in making this a valued educational piece of history in Huntsville.

USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park: At this Battleship Memorial Park, you don’t have to look very far to find heroes. From the Battleship USS ALABAMA to the Submarine USS DRUM and over 25 aircraft, the spirit of military pride is alive and well. Aboard the battleship you will be able to explore 12 decks. Among those, you can climb inside gun turrets, get locked in the Brig, man a 12mm gun and much more. Also at the park, you will be able to go below and explore the oldest Submarine on display, the USS DRUM. In the Medal of Honor Aircraft Pavilion as well as in the park, you will be able to view many rare and historic aircraft. A few in the collection include a A-12 Blackbird Spy Plane, OS2U Kingfisher, F-86L Sabre Jet, and B-52 Bomber, just to name a few. While in the pavilion, don’t forget to take a ride on the Flight Simulator and experience flight without ever leaving the ground. It’s an unforgettable experience for the entire family. All tours are self-guided. Allow approx. 2.5 hours to really see what it was like to be on this battleship when on active duty in Mobile.

United States Army Aviation Museum: The U.S. Army Aviation Museum maintains a collection of over 160 military aircraft, including one of the largest collections of military helicopters in the world. Approximately 50 beautifully restored, historic, and one-of-a-kind aircraft are proudly displayed both inside the Museum exhibit space and outside on the grounds. The collection includes many significant examples of early research efforts and developments in rotary wing technology and the evolution of the helicopter. Represented is the Army’s involvement in military aviation from the Wright brothers, the early combat aircraft of WW I, and today’s technological machines such as the AH-64 Apache and the UH-60 Blackhawk. You’ll find this in Ft Rucker.

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center (USSRC): This is a Smithsonian Affiliate and the Official Visitor Center for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. On Display, they have one of the largest collections of rockets and space memorabilia anywhere in the world. Guests journey through America’s Space Race and NASA’s plan to put man on the moon. Witness the development of the space shuttle program and the International Space Station, get a glimpse of the future in commercial space ventures, and the latest technological innovations. The Rocket Center regularly features traveling exhibits from around the world. Also, enjoy daily films on the 67-foot screen in Huntsville’s only full-dome IMAX® Theater or in the 52-foot, high-definition screen in the National Geographic Theater. Finally, plan a ride on the motorcoach tour of Redstone Arsenal, headquarters to the Army Material Command and home of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Travel to Huntsville to enjoy.

Crooked Creek Civil War Museum: This is a must see if you are a Civil War buff. It’s small but it makes this time in our history come alive in Vinemont.

Travelkatz is waiting to hear from you so we can make the history of our country come alive. Call us at 352-277-7300.


Rhode Island Gardens

Rhode Island Gardens – Rhode Island, a U.S. state in New England, is known for sandy shores and seaside colonial towns. It’s home to several large cities, including Newport, which is famed for sailing and Gilded Age mansions, such as The Breakers.    Let’s see what Rhode Island has to offer in the way of Botanical Gardens.

Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum: Blithewold is a 33-acre summer estate with grand views of Narragansett Bay and is nationally significant in American history as one of the most fully developed and authentic examples of the Country Place Era. The property features a 45-room mansion filled with family heirlooms and is framed by a series of lovely gardens that range in character from mysterious to exotic and from poetic to practical. An exceptional collection of rare and unusual plants, specimen trees, an accessible greenhouse, and whimsical stonework project a character that is romantic, fresh, and inspiring – and unique to Blithewold. The Van Wickle’s home placed great emphasis on the landscape, particularly Bessie, who was an avid gardener. When walking the grounds today, you’ll notice a combination of historic and contemporary gardening. The 10-acre Great Lawn, Enclosed Garden, Orchard, and Cutting and Vegetable Gardens were laid out in the late 1890s. Bessie ordered the construction of the Lord and Burnham Greenhouses in 1901 to further her botanical collection. The Bosquet, Rose, and Water Gardens were created in the early 1900s, followed by the North Garden in 1911, and the Rock Garden in the 1920s.  The Cutting Garden has since been renamed the Idea Garden, and Blithewold’s talented horticultural staff has also added a Pollinator Garden, a small Nursery, and a re-designed Vegetable Garden to the property. The gardens present an inspirational and invigorating marriage of formal and naturalistic landscape elements, ranging from poetic to practical, reflecting the Van Wickle family’s love of nature and ornamental horticulture. You will find this amazing Mansion and Gardens in Bristol.

Green Animals Topiary Garden:  This is the oldest and most northern topiary garden in the United States. The 7-acre estate overlooks the Narragansett Bay. It contains a large collection of topiaries including eighty sculptured trees. It is such a cool place to visit. You’ll really love seeing the different animals sculpted out of trees. Staff members suggests that August is peak season, so look forward to returning in 2023! This is a great place to bring a picnic lunch and make a whole day out of it, it really is a beautiful spot! Found in Portsmouth.

Japanese Garden at Roger Williams Park:  This is a beautiful place to relax and take a walk around outside and enjoy the park away from the city. While here you forget that the highway is right outside, and how close the down city is. Visit with some ducks, or get an afternoon walk in while on lunch from work. Just enjoy the day.  The Japanese Garden was built out of the former Monument Lake by the Depression-era Federal work program – the Works Progress Administration.  After WPA completed the beautiful Japanese Garden in 1936, the site became the most popular spot in Providence for wedding pictures. During World War II, the area took on a new name, the Oriental Garden, reflecting the anti-Japanese feelings of the times. Today, it is still a beautiful place for quiet reflection, and is especially popular for painting and drawing classes. Drive to this garden In Providence.

Botanica Gardens:  This garden is an experience all by itself. Plants are very healthy, and the center is beautifully maintained. Wonderful customer service and people! Highly recommend stopping in to check this place out. It will not disappoint the senses!  This garden is located in Portsmouth.

TravelKatz is looking forward to hearing from you so we can help making a great vacation to Rhode Island. Call us at 352-277-7300 or go online to www.travelkatz,com with your questions.


Rhode Island  State Parks:

Rhode Island State Parks – A U.S. state in New England, is known for sandy shores and seaside colonial towns. It’s home to several large cities, including Newport, which is famed for sailing and Gilded Age mansions. The capital, Providence, is home to Brown University, Roger Williams Park, landscaped Waterplace Park and Riverwalk, with the famed WaterFire art installation.  Rhode Island has 9 state parks.

Rocky Point State Park:  Over the 150+ years of the property’s existence, it has served as a location for nature trails, a ferry pier, an observation tower, hotels, clambakes, restaurants, swimming pool, rides, games, and concerts – but the attraction of 120 acres of land for public use within 10 miles of downtown Providence has been a consistent draw since 1850. The state’s newest coastal state park, visitors can enjoy the property they once made so many memories at, while the younger generations of park-goers can make new ones.  Please keep in mind that this is now a passive use park, and certain guidelines exist for its preservation. The property has no drinking water, toilets, communications, or emergency assistance facilities. It is recommended that you come well prepared to handle your needs during your visit. This Park has some unique features so you may find it worth it for a visit. It is beautiful spot to spend a relaxing afternoon. There is a brand-new pier for fishing, a small beach area and lots of grassy areas to picnic. There is a paved path to walk on to access everything as well as beautiful rocky areas to sit and relax. The most interesting thing is that this was an old amusement park. There are remnants from the old park that you walk around and enjoy seeing for a bit of nostalgia. You will find this Park in Warwick.

Colt State Park: There is a wonderful, paved path that follows the shoreline and can be combined with other trails through the woods. Through midweek, many people can be found enjoying picnics, sunbathing and other activities and parking is not a problem.  The views are amazing! Great place to grab lunch and have a picnic with a view of the sea. This Park is found in Bristol, which is a beautiful town to visit, too.

Lincoln Woods State Park: This wonderful local gem has a little something for everyone – hiking, fishing, swimming, open spaces, picnic sites, even kayaking, canoeing and you can rent gear at the boathouse. You can horseback ride, exercise, or simply relax and enjoy the views. This place is huge!!! It’s got picnic sites, camp sites, rocks you climb with views, surrounded by a lot of water and trees. Very relaxing and an exciting place to visit.  We do recommend going there from September through late May because then you will not have cars going through the park.  During the summer there tends to be a traffic problem.  Found in Lincoln.

Beavertail Lighthouse and Park: The site of America’s third lighthouse and the first in Rhode Island dates to 1749. If you are a lighthouse fanatic like me, you will love this little gem. It is hidden away on the rocks off the beaten bath. This is a great place to take pictures of the lighthouse, have a picnic and to enjoy watching the boats go by. There are often people fishing on the rocks further down for you to watch. There is easy parking across the street and then head up a wooded path that opens to the lighthouse & the water.  This is a free attraction, and beautiful as well. You can scale the rocks close to water, but please be careful!  You will find this lighthouse and park in Newport.

Brenton Point State Park: This Park is named after Governor William Brenton who owned this land. Long back at the time of World war it was used for defense purpose by installing batteries for protecting Narragansett Bay. Now open for the public having hiking paths and open land for kite flying. The Kite Flying Festival is also celebrated here. It has the finest view of Atlantic Ocean Bay. The benches for picnic grilling are facing the ocean and well-kept there. You can spend hours just relaxing on the grass, flying kites, playing frisbee, exploring the shore. And best yet the parking is free. This Park is also found in Newport.

Please call TravelKatz at 352-277-7300 or chat with us at www.travelkatz.com  We can make a great vacation to Rhode Island for you and your family and friends.


Rhode Island Museums:

Rhode Island Museums: The New England state of Rhode Island is known for sandy shores and seaside Colonial towns. It’s home to several large cities which are famed for sailing and Gilded Age mansions, such as The Breakers. Providence, its capital, is home to Brown University, Roger Williams Park, landscaped Waterplace Park and Riverwalk, with the famed WaterFire art installation. Check out these museums…

National Museum of American Illustration: The National Museum of American Illustration (NMAI) is situated in Vernon Court, a Gilded Age mansion (1898). Vernon Court is on the Natl. Register of Historic Places with interiors inspired by the palace at Versailles. The focus is on original illustration artworks created to be reproduced in books, periodicals, advertising and in other print media. Featured artists include Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish, JC Leyendecker, Jessie Willcox Smith, and 150 others.  A guided tour is necessary and enhances the tour with many unknown delightful details and an introductory short documentary. Free parking for museum visitors is available in the lot located on Victoria Avenue in Newport.

International Tennis Hall of Fame: With more than 2,000 unique objects on display, from racquets, to attire, to trophies, as well as a variety of interactive exhibits, there is something for everyone inside the walls of this museum. A small fee is required but it’s worth it. This museum houses the entire history of tennis in 18 galleries and dates back to the 12th century. There are a massive number of exhibits and memorabilia devoted to some of the greatest contributors to the sport. There are thousands of objects and you can spend quite some time here. A must see if you are into tennis. Found in Newport.

Providence Children’s Museum: You may love coming here almost as much as the kids. The water activity room is awesome but be careful you will ultimately get a little wet…. if your child is younger or messy suggest bringing a change of clothing just in case. Changing rooms are available. There are themed rooms and pretend play. The staff does a good job to keep the areas organized. Some of the rooms, like the Boat, are very crowded when your child runs in to play. The museum also has a great area for snacks and lunch which is kept clean. They do not serve food. Storage area for coats and diaper bags is at no charge. Visit in  Providence.

Slater Mill Museum: This is a beautifully preserved example of the early mill industry in America. The hour tour includes an early craftsman’s home, a water powered machine shop/mill and the first successful cotton-spinning factory in the U.S. The guide demonstrated many functioning machines from that time and emphasized the technological advancements and improvements in the two mills. This site puts most of their emphasis on the mechanics of a mill. Not far from Providence and well worth a visit in Pawtucket.

Herreshoff Marine Museum:  This museum is dedicated to the education and inspiration of the public through presentations of the history and innovative work of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company and the America’s Cup competition. They regularly host classic yacht regattas, sponsor symposia on classic yacht design and restoration, and operate an outstanding sailing school for youth and adults where they celebrate excellence in design, innovation, education, and technology. Immerse yourself in exhibits about the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, the America’s Cup, and the fabulous people and yachts that gained fame around the world. Visit, join, and be part of a great tradition. The Museum, bordering beautiful Narragansett Bay, in Bristol, Rhode Island, is one of the nation’s most important historic maritime treasures.

We at TravelKatz are looking forward to hearing from you either by “chat” or phone at 352-277-7300 so we can help you with your questions and travel ideas for Rhode Island..


Rhode Island Festivals

Rhode Island Festivals will keep you coming back for more. This small New England state has a ton of festivals just waiting to be discovered by you…Call TravelKatz and join in the festivities…352-277-7300

Bowen’s Wharf Seafood Festival: Honoring the “Harvest of the Sea,” this Festival offers fresh, local seafood. Come enjoy fish tacos, lobster rolls, fried calamari, oysters and more. Other neighboring restaurants and fisherman’s associations serve up their most celebrated seafood dishes; lobster dinners, clam chowder, stuffed quahogs, clam cakes, shrimp, scallops, raw oysters and clams, as well as a few dishes for landlubbers and children. Also offered are fresh smoothies, donuts and kettle corn for your sweet tooth! Cafe-style seating will be set up throughout the Wharf and proceeds from the festival benefit Oliver Hazard Perry, RI’s 200-foot official sailing education vessel. This festival has been named one of the “10 Fabulous Fall Festivals on the Coast,” by Coastal Living Magazine. Bowen’s Wharf, Newport; October 20 all day.

Tailgate Grill-Off: This festival is a community friendly event for all ages. Food, Music, Vendors and Fun. It’s a Grilling competition or just for fun! Southside Cultural Center, Providence Sat & Sun, Oct 26-27.

Halloween Festival: Halloween is a terrible and at the same time very cheerful day that is characterized by: unusual costumes, bright makeup, delicious sweets and loud laughing. Every year, different nations celebrate various holidays and festivals in October. Here, you will find three thousand “horrible” pumpkins, ancient buildings, stunning sculptures and thousands of participants who will come to have fun and enjoy this night. Newport; Oct. 31.

1st Annual Providence Salsa and Bachata Festival: It is with great enthusiasm Mambo Pa Ti would like to announce that Providence will host its very own and its very first EVER Salsa and Bachata Festival. Get ready for a jam-packed 2-day festival set in the heart of downtown Providence at the beautiful Hilton Hotel where the festivities are sure to be vibrant and exciting for everyone involved.  Top-quality workshops lead by local and world-renowned instructors, performers and DJ’s that will make this a weekend to remember. Providence; Fri – Sun, Nov 1 – 3.

Art Providence Show: This show features artists from all backgrounds and over 200 participating artists, makers and designers come from throughout New England and beyond to share their work with you. Providence, Fri – Sun, Nov 8 – 10.

Rhode Island Christmas Festival: At this Festival, there will be Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Santa, Little Miss & Little Mr. Christmas Pageant, Ugly Sweater Contest and Gingerbread House Contest. The Gingerbread House Contest will take place on Saturday. You’ll need to pre-register and the cost to enter the contest is $10. There will be different categories, including a children’s competition! the number one rule is that the houses must be made of Gingerbread! Santa will be there on Sunday at noon and will lead our Annual Family Parade; it’s inside, everyone parades around the venue, and it’s free. At 1 p.m. will kick off the Little Miss and Little Mr. Christmas Pageant includes four age groups: Under 9. $10 to register and each child will receive a gift. Winners in each category will receive a special prize plus sash and ornament. West Warwick; Sat & Sun, Nov 23 & 24

Please give TravelKatz a call if you want to spend a family vacation in Rhode Island. These Festival are some of the best in the New England area. Make your plans NOW for 2020! Our number is 352-277-7300.

Rhode Island State Capital: PROVIDENCE

Providence was founded by Protestant pastor Roger Williams in 1636, and the name means “divine care.” Williams was a campaigner for religious liberty and had been expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for his radical religious and political beliefs (he argued for the division between Church and State). Williams and his followers purchased the settlement from the Narragansett Indians, and Williams named it in gratitude to “God’s merciful providence unto me in my distress.” He later said, “I desired it might be a shelter for persons distressed of conscience.”

 State House: Touring this State House is phenomenal, eye-opening, enriching learning experience!  The legislative and executive branches of Rhode Island government run in this building. Built in late 1800’s by famous architect McKim, Mead & White, whose works include Boston Public Library and NY Penn Station, the State House is a beautiful unique building. Materials chosen include marble from Georgia & Italy, real 24K karat gold painted by feather, oak & mahogany wood, etc., make this gem an architectural wonder! Awesome paintings and murals. The 4th largest free standing dome building has the bronze “independent man” on top!  Guided Tours run every hour from 9 am to 3 pm. Lot of rich history & Stories, from the Native American times & United States Founding to Civil War & WW II. See the government happenings of senate and house of representatives’ activities. Providence Rhode Island represents independence, freedom, and revival. Take this free guided tour and see for yourself why this is a must-see! Meaningful rooms to see include:

The governor’s meeting room, with real gold trim work and a renowned, expensive George Washington portrait.

The Charter Museum; the original 200+ year old, preserved declaration of independence from Rhode Island is housed here.

Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art: a small museum which makes it manageable and not overwhelming, yet contains beautiful representative pieces. RSID museum has a wonderful collection of art from all over the world. The museum is assembled at a human scale, just enough of each type of art to get your interest.

 Providence Performing Arts Center: This theater is beautifully restored and may reminds you of Radio City Music Hall in New York City. This has always been a great venue to go and be entertained! Lots of parking around the theatre! Once inside, notice and be amazed at the architecture of this theatre! This theatre is one of the “old great ladies” whose lines, curves, structure, and sounds are truly representative of an earlier “Grand Era”. Go in, have a glass (or two) of wine, get comfortable in your seat, and enjoy a great show! The decor is elegant and the acoustics are very good. The theater hosts many shows that are Broadway musicals on tour and many other performances by major musicians. There is something for everyone.

 Roger Williams Park Zoo: This zoo was wonderful! It’s large enough to see a variety of exotic animals yet small enough where it’s not overwhelming and still VERY family friendly. Roger Williams Park zoo is so much more than the name seems to indicate. Every year, the park offers up a series of special events that are truly must see events in Rhode Island. During October, there is the pumpkin display for Halloween. This multi week event offers up some of the most creative and wonderfully designed lighted pumpkin carved items ever put together in one setting. Great place for kids, teens, adults. Lot of interactive activities. A vast assortment of animals. Very educational and fun! You will learn a lot.

 Historic Federal Hill: You will have the best time visiting the bakeries, Italian delis, and restaurants on Federal Hill. Constantino’s located at DePasquale Plaza on Federal Hill, the ‘Little Italy’ section of Providence, houses Salvatore’s Cafe which has wonderful espresso, fresh filled cannoli, and biscotti. It’s a wonderful way to spend the afternoon taking in all the sights. It doesn’t hurt to go on a Fri. or Sat. Night-if you’re lucky you’ll hear Dominic & His Band Playing & Singing for your Dancing Pleasure. A Great Night Out!  The archway leading into the Federal Hill area has a wonderful plaque recognizing the contributions of Italian-Americans. A must-see place when visiting Providence!

Getting to Providence from Tampa is a flight away (one stop) and Travelkatz will be happy to help you make this vacation happen for you and your family. Call us at 352-277-2700.


Another option for our Rhode Island Vacation Package is the Natural Wonder.  See our selection of choice below to see if it fancies your style.  Please don’t hesitate in contacting us with any questions or concerns.

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